Monday, May 14, 2012

The Avengers... again
The Avengers became Avengers Assemble. 
Trailers and spots flooded the web.
My excitement levels rose; then, finally it arrived.
I won't waste your time with spoilers, plot points or general fuss. That much is all very easily obtained by your favourite search engine. Short of a full script, it's all out there... actually a quick search will find you that as well.

As a "fan" of Iron Man I came to the Avengers.. (ignoring the extra word, it's useless and only to avoid copyright issues with a British film and show).. purely as a fan of Mr Stark and his wonderful toys.
I certain enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, the other Marvel films. Thor and Captain America are great films and get the ball rolling on their emergence and such like - but only Iron Man has past so far. Iron Man kick-started this franchise (if you'll endulge me) after failed attempts from 2008's "The Hulk" and to a lesser extent, Spiderman (Marvel, yes - same universe.. no... and it's already been rebooted).

Quick note here - Sony do Spidey, Disney do shellhead and co.

So, what did I think? Do you care? Go see the film and I very much doubt you will.

It's very much a Joss Whedon picture. If you aren't a fan of his, or do not know the likes of Buffy, Angel or, say, Firefly, then you'll be forgiven - but the characterisations are there; the one-liners - the "Scooby Gang" feel certainly makes an appearance. It's no Michael Bay film. Films such as Transformers would have you think that - from trailers - we'd see a similar kind of movie. I still shudder at the final hour of the 3rd movie from that franchise - epic it might be, but it's just so over the top that it actually gets boring.
No such.. luck(?) here.

But I digress. Tony gets his fair share of screen time (probably moreso than the others) and so as an Iron Man fan, I was a happy camper.
I've been twice; once in 3D and once in 2D - go see it in your preference, it won't matter. However, for me, 2D was a clear winner (in clarity if nothing else). 

Great soundtrack too. :)