Friday, December 26, 2003


Well it's over for another year (technically or not).

I didn't get much to write home about (coolest ever NYC print!) but I'm not that bothered about it anymore anyways.

And. As. Usual. It's. Raining. Just makes you feel all festive doesn't it?

365 days to go (leap year baby!)

Oh, I did get to spend it with my Gemma so it actually turned out to be the best Christmas ever. :o)

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Turns out I saw...

.. an XR4i. Just had a nose here and the '81 model was RWD and had the Cologne 2.8 V6. The 4x4 was released in 1985.

Interesting! Still think they rock (and I'm not a Ford man at all!)

I just saw...

...a 1983 Ford Sierra XR4x4 in mint condition driving along the A3. You never see em. I had a model for many years with the split rear/quarter windows in black - fantastic looking car. I think that would be the 2.8 V6 (not sure if it'd be Essex or the later model) with probably no horseys... but still, a great looking car.

Wish I had a camera actually!

Ho hum...

Blah blah blah

Nearly Chrimbo... nearly.

Not that I'm doing anything. Here at work, playing Golf!

hahahahahahaa.... man I kill me.