Thursday, July 07, 2005

The UK's very own 9/11

Of course, the UK has had a very full history of bombings. From the Second World War through to the IRA bombings of the eighties. However, since 9/11 this has become a very different thing. Now the whole world is being attacked by, what appears to be, Al Queda. It's not certain at this time of writing - and no one has held their hands high to admit to it.
But because no one has taken blame, the bombings appear to have no point. Why simply blow people and property up? It has no point.
"We bomb you because you bomb us" would be a point. Not a good one (eye for an eye?) but still a point.

I await that. As does the rest of the UK and the world.

Is this our WTC? No. I fear that has yet to come.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


It's true. There is work to do but.. bored.
I made 58 in WoW this weekend. That's just 2 levels from game-end. I won't be able to play now until next week but I'm pretty much there :D

Thankfully, my Gemma is home for the summer (what there is of it). She came home yesterday - and although I haven't seen her yet, I'm happy! Can't wait to see her :)

The weather sucks. It's cold and wet. Typical. I'm hoping it clears up for Billing this weekend (I probably won't take pics). If not, then I'll get wet. Meh. Hopefully it'll be warm and balmy and I can stroll about and just relax.

If you too are bored, check out Dumpalink. Full of silly movies, links and games to keep you amused. Also, check out Kadz for some Celebrity Jeopardy.

DTA Competition Engine Management Systems

DTA Competition Engine Management Systems - This will be my new ECU. I just need some money (about £1500 total) to do it all! :(