Thursday, November 24, 2005

Alias cancelled

I came to Alias late.. so I'm a bit peeved to see it ending after only 5 seasons. I understand why though.. mostly because it'd lose most of it's main characters. Still annoying though eh. :(

Shooting padlocks

Ever see in a film how the lead will use a handgun to blow a lock off a door?

Well... it can't be done. Kinda surprising what it actually takes to do it too! :)

Sci-Fi news

Gateworld is reporting that the very gorgeous Claudia Black has joined the full-time cast of Stargate SG-1 for it's tenth season.
She popped up as Vala Mal Doran in season eight in one episode (trying to steal the Prometheus) and the first six episodes of season nine. It says there that she'll be in the last two as well :).

More good news! Battlestar Galactica has been given a third season! See the news here. Along with season ten of SG-1 and season three of Atlantis - 2006 should be good for Sci-Fi! :D

Atari 2600

Are you old enough to remember the Atari 2600? (I know a few of you are... :) ) - well Atari as sort of re-released it.

The Flashback 2 is that very thing. It looks like the old '2600 but has the games built in. And for $30 (I assume that'll be £30) it's almost a bargain!

Okay.. it's not a 360, but you can't get those at the moment (especially here).