Thursday, February 09, 2006

Update quickie

I've added the specs of the turbo I have on the Calibra. I've also added links to where it, and the manifold I have, can be bought (both US). :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's February!

Ok so I'm a bit late on the news.. so sue me.

Any "hooo". What's new with you? Oh, right, I don't care :P - kidding! But seriously, you can't tell me can you - not unless you comment. :D

Well I'd love to say how busy I've been with my new job. Except I don't have one so I can't. Hmm. There might be news on that front come the weekend (well.. we shall see!). I'll report back.

There's the car(s). The Rover sucks bumhole and should be shot at dawn; but it still runs (just) so I need to keep it going for now.
The Calibra is running great, but I'm trying to avoid using it as it's not the most economical car in the world, especially as I have no income!

February 16th marks the 5th year I've lived here in my humble abode. Shockingly long time and I never expected to still be here after this time - but it's mine and, why not eh. I expect my time here won't last another 5 years; maybe 2, but I'm in no hurry to leave just yet.

2 days prior to the big day is, of course, Valentines day. To me, that means nothing. Sad really! But it's true. In the time Gemma and I have been together, we've never spent that day together. I hope next year is different - but for now, it's just another day. I hope you guys enjoy it with your partners though! Sexy!

And finally, a date for the old diary, March 1st. 3 years since Gemma and I first started dating. I still remember it too (well I bloody well should). Ah... memories. Of course, I won't be spending it with her (bloody Uni) but we'll celebrate it when we do meet up.

Ooh, while on the subject of Gemma (it's a good subject). She passed her driving test a few weeks back (did I mention that?). Great little driver she is too!

Okay.. MMOs. :D
I'm still in WoW. Now on the UK server "The Maelstrom". I hit level 30 yesterday too (which was nice) on my Tauren Warrior. I'm still enjoying the process - but miss being 60.. and a druid. Oh well, I'll do that all again soon!

Dean (my brother) is about to start on RF Online. I'll let the site do the talking, but basically it's a Manga/Anime style MMO that's been out about a year in Japan. It's coming here courtesy of Codemasters (the Toca guys) and looks.. pretty good. It's certainly pretty in the videos but I'm not too sure whether it'll appeal the way WoW does.
There's also a crapload more coming out this year.. check out MMORPG.COM and just look at them all. Tons. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Everquest 2 and LOTRs.. and maybe even Star Trek: Online (I'll leave you to find the links!).

See ya'll soon!