Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A New Year...

Hopefully this year will see more blogging; or an admittance I don't have the time and I'll kill it. Or start again. Or just redesign it and get the archives working. Or.

Anyway; it's 2008. I'll be 29 + 365 days old this year and that's probably quite something. I don't personally believe it and if I'm lucky, no one will notice.

It should be an exciting year all round though. A house move for me - so far only taking four lousy months. The Camaro should appear in production form (the prototype is looking damned close to the concept) and now the Calibra is gone, a year of shows with either the Monaro - or nothing at all (and me just spectating). Who knows. Could be interesting.

Is HD DVD dead? Hmm - not sure myself. That's not because I just got a player either. I think it's still very early on and the real adoption hasn't happened - but I will admit that it's down to distribution and without the big players, it's hard to see how it'll fare.

Probably a good movie year as well, what with Cloverfield, Indy 4 and a raft of other big films on the way. Better than 2007? Well, what was your favourite movie last year? I can hardly remember...

If you've not seen JC's new DVD - borrow it. It's worth it just to see some rather expensive metal being thrown around. I particularly liked the little Gallardo. :P

See ya.