Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A lovely weekend had

Indeed. Last weekend was, so far, my best of the year. I spent it (for the first time) with my Gemma. All the cliches are true, and I won't go on about them but I really really had fun and can't wait until I see her again!

We watched Blade: Trinity. It's great - better than the second but not quite as good as the first. Funny where it should be and the rest of the time, action. Just the way I like it. Go watch, if you haven't already :)
Watch out for TV series' John Doe star Dominic Purcell as the evil Drake.

Also watched The Chronicles of Riddick again.. this time on DVD. Another great film. If you don't know the story check out it's offical site - I'm sure it'll help ;)
Make sure you see Pitch Black first though.

On a completely different note, my 8v Calibra is now for sale - see it here. The turbo is nearly ready and I need this to go so I can get on with finishing/insuring the purple one :)

Righto - it's bed time. More tomorrow! Night ;)


Goes all upgraded and stuff! Check it out here. It's a wonderful place to be - and even better, I've been promoted to a moderator! Hehe.. quite enjoying it I must say. :)
SO.. come on over and let me moderate you. You know you'll love it.