Friday, April 09, 2004

.site update!

Just got in from washing the 8v and the 911. I took some pics because we rarely get weather as nice as today so I've uploaded the pics and put them in the usual locales.

Porsche 911
Calibra 8V

Both cars are well! ;)

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Sunday, April 04, 2004

A Sunday evening's ramble

Good evening Pilgrim. Your journey's end no doubt?

What a weekend. I can't honestly say I'm accomplised an awful lot but I'm breeze over some of it for your enjoyment and/or perusal.
Friday night started off with dinner with my Gemma, brother and his girlfriend La-Ura and friends of La-Ura and Gemma - Charlie and her bloke. We went to a local Harvester and had a pretty good evening. They've changed their menu again and now there is even less for the veggie's amongst us. Typical really.

Anyhoo - Saturday was a nice lazy morning in bed with Gemgem then we went out to see "Starsky and Hutch". Great movie and very funny. Ben Stiller is one of my favourite comedians and he's right at home here. Plus the Ford Grand Torino has a lot of screen time which can't be bad! Beautiful car...
Saturday night was great - Me, Gemma and Pizza. Caught up on some Alias and had a quiet one. Perfect day really :D

Today I put an appearance in with the family unit and then took the 911 out to stretch her legs. Took her up to Hook to meet up with the ClubCalibra guys and gals and met some new faces. Good time had by all again and then "stretched" the 911's legs again on the way home ;)

I settled down this evening just before six pm with Star Wars Galaxies and I logged off... quarter of an hour ago! It's easy to lose hours in an online environment like that - especially when everything is so new and so huge. I'm probably seen 5% of Naboo and there are NINE planets! Plus I'm only on my third pistol. I have SO much to see and do... 5 hours did nothing at all. Great eh!
At least I now OWN those stupid Gnouts....