Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Astra GTC

Unveiled next week, the new Astra GTC should go on sale early next year here in the UK.

Taking the place of both the hatch and the coupe it should be interesting the see the complete model line up.

A VXR is planned with "an extreme body kit and a 2.0 engine with in excess of 230bhp". Should be good... unless it's FWD only.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Monaro Coupe 4

Get over to" and check out the 4x4 version of the Monaro.
Thank you.

Last night I saw...

Ah Mr Smith delivers again!
Based very loosely on the Isaac Asimov short stories of the same name, we find ourselves in 2035 in Chicago.
Things have moved along quite a bit. Cars park themselves, drive themselves and phones are just tiny.
Will is Del Spooner, a homicide detective with a troubled past. His main issue that he simply doesn't trust the robots that everyone uses on a daily basis. They walk our dogs, buy our groceries and even clean the house (sounds good eh?). No robot has hurt a human. No robot has ever commited a crime... until now.
The lead designer of said robots is found dead at his own company on th eve of a new robotic launch. Suicide is suspected but Spooner has his own ideas..

I loved every minute of this. Not only is Will Smith casted perfectly here but it's not the usual comedy (Bad Boys) as you would expect.
Lots of action and a tight storyline that works excellently (and not quite how the trailers would have you believe) make this one of my favourite movies of the moment (up there with Spider-man 2!).
Go. Now.

Last week I saw...

The Chronicles of Riddick.
And I am happy to recommend it to the big-wide-world. Set 5 years after the first film (and not before as I was led to believe), we catch up with our renagade hero Riddick just trying to live the easy life on an inhospitable ice planet. No sooner to be meet him but he's already being chased by mercenaries. Hmm.
The ins and outs aren't explained right away as I would expect them to be; the surviving characters of the first film all have their part - although not hugely - and there is plenty of action.The main story line is nothing really to do with our hero but as you can probably imagine, he gets caught up in it anyway.
A force of men are travelling throughout the galaxy spreading the word of their own religion (if you will). Whether a planet cares or not, it's quickly subdued, assimilated and then destroyed. Pretty weird but also pretty cool.
Riddick only gets caught up because he happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (duh).
I won't say any more but the story goes all over the place before ending up in exactly the place you would expect it not to be. Watch it. Have fun ;)

Blade: Trinity sneak peek

Right here.
No, it's not the trailer ;)

War Of The Worlds

A remake with the loveable Tom Cruise is in the works. Shooting starts in November for a Summer '05 release (replacing MI:3 as it's now on hold). Cool?

Check it out.

AvP mini-trailer

AvP has already opened state-side...

Here is a brief snippet of some in-film action!