Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th

Do you remember where you were? I suspect you do.

Of course, it's not all doom and gloom - a friend (Russ) has a birthday today. He came along before 9/11 so he has a right to be happy today ;)

Bloggin' on the left, Tweetin' on the right

It's interesting that Twitter is now so popular; especially given the instant nature of it. It's very much like have an IM client open but without a particular person to speak to. I could talk all day, and people can tune in to specific parts - a bit like radio (with a search function). I do, really, like Twitter and it's instant little world - very easy to get bits of info and follow it. However, the real use to me would be to link off to full-fat blogs - something many people do.

I think I might start doing the same.

Someone out there in the blog-sphere, wrote today (perhaps yesterday - really, time matters little out here in the void) that he "reads, does and writes" (paraphrasing a smidge there). I like that. Study, test and document.

I am about to start getting in to my study to upgrade my VCP 3 to VCP 4. The exam is now live and I really want it out of the way by Christmas. Since I no longer consult - a change that has helped me settle my day-to-day lifestyle - I don't have that "on/off" relationship with VMware; by that, I mean I don't install it and walk away. Here, I tend to be looking after the installed environment and working on it. Whilst that is great, it limits my exposure to the detail of setting up new environments - especially since everyone seems to do it differently.

I reckon (is reckon a really English way for saying "think"?) I need a test environment with at least two nodes in it. I can build and destroy ESX in a number of exciting ways doing that. However, two nodes isn't going to be cheap, nor SAN connected - and further more, it won't allow me to mess with things like FT. I'm wondering there if I'd just be better off getting some hellish server with Workstation on it - and build several (albeit, slower) environments within?

Answers on a postcard. A digital one. Back to work.