Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Month(ly) roundup!

It's not that I've been overly busy (ish) but I really haven't had the inclination to update the site, post links or, well, pretty much anything. It's not been the greatest of months to be entire honest. My saving grace is Gemma. Having her home is awesome (cool US wording included) and there have been some nice highlights (my Brother's engagement party was great fun; as well as Kingsley's do). But the 911 is going soon (yeah I know!) due to mounting debt, inadequate storage and a few other "issues".
To top it off, work is pretty bleak (redundancy is looming in one form or another). I've had one really good interview, but whether I fit the bill is up to them now. I really hope I do! More on that later in the week (I hopeskycopter).
Back to the cars? Well the 911 is as good as sold. If the trader doesn't want it, someone else will. It pains me to sell it but then again, it pains me to keep it. So I would rather keep the monthly loan payments and be a bit lighter on the debt front instead. Hopefully I can go back to 911 ownership one day - or perhaps something else ;)
The Calibra hasn't moved so I can't really update that side of things. I do intend to get out there and play with it but so far I've not had the time. She does appear to run quite well though so that's something!

I've started reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - I'm only a few chapters in but it's so far quite enjoyable. I know you and the rest of the world has already read it but... nerr - I was busy!

WoW is going okay. I'm a bit behind with my playing (can't be bothe...etc) but I've started a new character on the Archimonde server (again, Arbilac - a NE Druid). Only level 10 at the moment but that will soon change!
Why? Well Archimonde is a lower population server (less lag) and it's also a PvP (Player vs Player) server so it's more dangerous to roam about without being attacked! It's a different challenge and I look forward to progressing further!

Anyway - on I must go. I will update the site soon with news of 911s and hopefully jobs. Then I might even get some pics uploaded etc!