Wednesday, July 25, 2007

TG does it again...

You gotta laugh really - nutters
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Coastguards' fury as Top Gear stars attempt to 'drive' across the Channel

The hosts embarked on an ambitious journey across the Channel in cars which had been converted into make-shift boats, much to the ire of local coastguards, who claimed the weren't forewarned about the trip.

Top Gear
Top Gear

Captain Clarkson: Jeremy's car turned boat eventually went the distance

Mayday! James' sails didn't prove very effective

Top Gear

Man overboard: the presenter was left bobbing in the water after his car capsized

Top Gear

Not happy: coastguards say they weren't told about the stunt

The episode is due to go out on BBC2 in the autumn.

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Spot-less sun

Apparently the sun is at it's solar minimum. 11 years down, 11 years up - now it goes nuts and starts to party. Pretty pic though
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The sun - as you've never seen it before

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Running diary WEEK 4

Date - Distance (Miles) - Time - Weather
02-7-7 - 3 - 19 mins (circa) - Windy/Dry
09-7-7 - 4 - 25 mins (circa) - Dry
16-7-7 - 5 - 31 mins 55 secs - Dry
23-7-7 - 6 - 39 mins 53 secs - Torrential!

Okay, so it's a few weeks in - but so far it's going well. My times are more accurate this week as I remember the times. Yes, that's actually quick (for me) but it's hard work keeping that pace so I think 7 through 10 miles will be slower. But on the day? (Great South) who knows...
Last night was very wet, but not windy. I prefer the rain to the wind any day of the week - but it's not all that nice being soaked through while running. Still, I managed a 1 hour, 22 minute run last year in the wet so this year I'll be happy if I get the same or under (conditions allowing). My calves, for once, aren't sore either. :)