Thursday, July 10, 2008

The holiday starts HERE!

You can see how out of touch I am with the blog because below I used [i] tags for an italic font and got nothing.. ah well, at least I remember the correct way to do it!

I'm on holiday from today. Yes, holiday. I'm off to Newquay so my new found blogging love will have to wait a week (yeah yeah, six months).

Might have some cool news on my return as well. :)

Just looking at my old library of car pics - I miss the 911/DeLorean combo. What a 2-car garage! Think I might head back that way actually - 911 first and then the DeLorean when time/space and money allow. It's an aim - so what if it takes me years? :D

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's me!

March? MARCH?

Good god man, what the hell have I been doing?!

Well I'll say that I don't really have the time to blog these days and that's pretty obvious but I reckon I might take this back to basics and start again with a new theme. I mean, I'm here now aren't I? :P

So - I'm all moved with Gemma (have been for a few months) and things are all good. Life is hectic as usual and this week kinda starts and finishes the car-show season for me (Billing and Festival of Speed). Next week I'm in Newquay and then it's business as usual!

I'll be [i]right back[/i]!