Friday, April 02, 2004

Batman Begins

Right HERE

Only three pics - one of the logo and two of the new Batmobile (which is really really ugly).

The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman

The name speaks for itself really!



Disasters appear to be the order of the day (why is bad news always more popular?)

But this is a good reason to be careful on the road.

Ghost Town

Many things intrigue me about the past. Mainly disasters like the Titanic, Hindenburg, the Twin Towers (9/11) and of course Chernobyl.

It's very hard to imagine what that town is now like and even this site doesn't do it justice. But for now it's the "best" view of something that a lot of people have now forgotten.

Have a look - it'll make you think. Really.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

April 1st

Yada yada yada...

I've seen some very clever gags for this 1st of the Month but this isn't one of them. "Hardy har" and all that.

Star Wars Galaxies

Ah yes..

Released quite a while back now but to little interest to me; I've avoided it purely because of Neocron.
However my brother has been playing it and recently showed me around his online town and demonstrated how the game has progressed. Within 10 minutes I knew I wanted it. A year ago he showed me the same thing but it looked and sounded and from what I saw, played like a game missing everything Star Wars is.

Now that's changed and I have it (I ordered it that very day!). I'm still very much a n00b but enjoying the new challenge of getting things wrong and being killed by tiny creatures... all good fun!

This isn't to say I've given up on Neocron but for the moment I'm giving it a rest - DoY is out in the next couple of months and I want to start fresh in that new universe (because I think it will be very new).

Have I got time in my life for both? Hell no.. but I'll do it anyway! Raaaaa

Oh btw - check out SWG at

A week on blog

I really haven't had the time this week to blog. Not really been in the mood to do it either to be honest - but that is no excuse!

In fact I had meant to blog on Tuesday morning after seeing Smallville Monday night. It was a very interesting (read: weird) episode. I think it was playing on the success of "The Fast and Furious" films and the "recent" trend to street race.
Of course street racing has been going on since man was able to pilot wheeled vehicles but only recently has it gotten real (big screen) media attention. Anyhoo - it was clearly a mish-mash episode. The cars were powered by the obligatory "NOS" but with extra special kryptonite to make them even quicker. However, the blokey running it (never seen before of course) ran his "shop" out of a barn with lots of banners in it.... hmmm. Chuck in a Yank tank and a few Jap mobiles and there you have it - instant F&F.
I didn't buy it.
Sillier still was the final "race" that took each car several minutes to get to 100mph. I love the whole "97, 98..." thing where the cars never quite get there...

The rest of the week so far hasn't been anything special really. Spent most of the evenings with Gemma (home for Easter) and in the gym (no surprise there then!).

Oh.. my next blog will be on SWG. SWG? You'll see in a few sentences!

Sunday, March 28, 2004

British Summer Time

Or GMT. Or BST. Or something else... hell, I don't know and I really don't care!

But we have "Sprung forward" by one hour in good old Blighty and now it's Spring. So that means April showers and more bad weather. Thankfully that'll be followed by rain and more bad weather (we call it Summer). Of course the eventuality is that Autumn and Winter must follow Summer so that must mean rain and bad weather.

If I were to read in to that I'd seem cynical. But I won't.

Camarobatcave update(s)

Indeed the site has several galleries now - showing none other than the Blog owner's very own Camaro! I say "Head on over" and "Go now" and other such insightful and motivational comments.

So go on then. Check 'em out. Especially if you don't see many Camaro's in your neck of the woods.