Tuesday, June 16, 2009

iForum day two...

What a loooong day. A good day, but looooong. God, was it long. I'm knackered.

Anyhoo - a great start with the CEO doing his bit for a couple of hours. I came away genuinely impressed at the Citrix future. Especially the iTunes-esque interface for dazzle and the new Citrix Receiver. Nice work chaps.

A few of the technical sessions fell a bit short of the description (and what I'd hoped) but generally the content was valid and of a good quality. I think XenServer has a strong future - mainly due to the low (free) cost up front and far reduced cost over time per server (over per proc) and even the support. Hmm, if only it had memory overcommitment (they say it's not a great idea, but we all know that's a cover for "we'll have it when we've worked it out").

Anyway - I'm happy to work with the technology and will continue to do so as best I can - and I'd love to do a full Server/App/etc install. Mmm.

Day three (final day) tomorrow. But I'm also flying home... :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Citrix iForum Day 1

I'm up in Edinburgh (as my Tweets suggest) at the Citix iForum. Today was a meet/greet with a few seminars - most of which were okay, but a little forgettable (it was day 1 and I've been up since 4:30am... so it's likely more me than them!).

The technical sessions covered XenApp's application launch, Netscaler troubleshooting and XenDesktop registration. Not a bad start really I guess.

Anyway; six sessions tomorrow so I'll make some notes and write it all up for ya.