Friday, September 22, 2006

Some interesting links:

First off, a techy one. We ALL know how inaccurate films are when it comes to IT and computers. They use flashy graphics to show command line interface prompts and computers are suddenly very noisy for no reason.
Here is a list of the worst offenders. There are no real surprises though!

Secondly, the F-35. If you don't know much about this plane then having a look here. This is mostly focusing on the engine (the most powerful in a plane of this type) but it's still very cool!

Thirdly, a console link. This is in-game footage of Lost Odyssey. Not sure I believe it - but why not eh?

Oh and if you want to contribute to the Get Well Soon Hamster appeal (Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service) for Richard Hammond, then clicky!. At the time of writing it was close to £29,000! Amazing.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Poor, poor Hamster

Well as you are already aware, Richard Hammond is not a well chappy. I'd just like to wish my best to him and his family.
While I can't say whether he'd be on TG again this year, I'd imagine he'll be recovering. TG won't be the same.