Saturday, February 07, 2004

Things that annoy me

It's late and I'm on a roll...

1. Mornings: Okay - I like mornings but I don't like getting up. Catch 22? Yes... now leave me alone.
2. People: A person is fine. People annoy the crap outta me. Honestly!
3. Being Tired: An extension of #1. When I'm tired I can't work out basic math, string words together or even tolerate a smile on a strangers face. I hate being that way too...
4. Being wide awake at 3am: 3am is not a real time. It only exists if you wake up or work that late. So why am I awake at 3am? Why? Hmmm?
5. On call: Pays the bills but I can't drink. Hate. Hate. Hate.
6. Badge envy: It says Porsche on it. Okay.. so why does that attract vandalism and hatred? I'm terribly sorry I work my arse off daily to pay for it. I'm sorry it brings me joy. Up yours.
7. Meat: Somewhere along the line I stopped eating the stuff. Now it makes me feel like sticking my head under a moving train at the thought of eating it. How's that for evolution?
8, no, #1. Being away from Gemma: This came to mind first but then I thought - I've always found Morning annoying. But, no. This IS worse. In every conceivable way. She knows it too - that's love!
9. Nose hair: You know as well as I do that you have it. Right there. Doesn't it itch? For the love of god man! Cut. It.
10. Mondays: Read any Garfield strip.
11. Sundays: Precursor to #10.
12. Money: Because I never have any. This can be deleted on receipt of huge lottery win.
13. "Piss taking": No, not the thing I do. The thing where people "take the piss". You know - being repeatedly late for work and no one batting an eyelid. That sort of thing.

There are more.. I will write them.. watch this space..


More words... than... that.

You may or may not have noticed that my "blogs" tend to be of a link-type-nature and involve very little on my part. Certainly you aren't learning a lot about me through this process (other than my interests).

So I'm going to write whatever comes in to my head. What out - it may not be pretty.

I am slowly but very much surely becoming one of those people that hates their job. While this may not come as a surprise (since many of you will feel the same) it does surprise me.
I have always enjoyed IT. I still do. But I'm sick of the job. It's no longer me.

I could go and teach fitness but I'd have to likely sell my house to survive.... and I'm not doing that. I could go back to "school" and learn a new art. Maybe even art. That idea I like - something like graphic design or maybe teaching (in IT maybe). I think I'd enjoy imparting knowledge. I certainly enjoy teaching fitness (it's nice to be told they like the class!).

You know what I'd really like to do? Restore old cars. Not a 1993 Volvo 850. Not something that needs a degree in electronics just to work out the ignition wiring. Not something that when finished will likely go unnoticed. No, I'd like to restore OLD cars. You know, a '69 Charger, an '81 DeLorean, a '73 'stang etc etc etc... man I would love to see my hands brind something back to life.
A grand dream. Oooh oooh, a Porsche 356... damn that'd be sweet.

Ideally I could win the Lottery. Do it for fun. Use the money for good rather than evil (with these powers I could be a.... super hero!). Ah.. my head is full of some odd things.

It's not too much to ask to do something you love is it?

Friday, February 06, 2004


I've added a brief .plan file on the right there with some random car thoughts for the future. Like a thinktank of sorts... I can add and remove stuff at will but gives me an "at a glance" look at what's to do and what I'd like to do. For me then... :o)

.delorean and .calibra update!

By the time I've written this some new pages should be up... more than the original few odd pics... lots more :o)


for those too lazy to scroll ;o)

Thursday, February 05, 2004

.misc pictures

I've found some "misc" pics of an old car to put in that page (it was never there... now it is!)
Feel free to browse here or the link is down on your right...

A fellow blog

I have the link there a couple of days but I've just visited and there is indeed activity!

So pop over to Simon's blog and have a look.

I even get a mention! (and a link ;o) )

AMD 64bit Windows XP trial

Got a super fast AMD 64? Then why not try Windows XP64?

Check the Register story on how to grab a 360 day trial of it.

PERSONALLY... I wouldn't bother - I'm sure SUSE et al will have 64 bit (AMD compatible) Linux versions out before long and we all know how much better that'll be.

Shame Neocron doesn't work on it... :o(

Mercedes SLR replica

I've seen this a few times and it's always surprised me - it's close but also miles off (if you see my point).
I'll take nothing away from the work involved!

It's a VWVortex link

997 (911) cold weather shots

I think it looks a lot better than the 996 but it's no 993. It's not exactly a showroom shot but it's something. I like it anyway.

See it here

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

New Tigra

Yep it's broken cover (officially) and it's a metal-roof drop-top (many words with many dashes).
Have a look here and make your own mind up but as it's marketed to work against the Peugeot 206CC and Ford StreetKa it'll most likely be more "female" oriented. Shame... but there you go.

Linux projects

You may or may not be aware that as soon as a "Current" gen console is released on the world some bright spark will find a way to run a flavour of Linux on it. I've followed the XBOX project because I own one and find it kinda funky that a cheap games console can run an OS (I'm under no illusion though; the XBOX is just a PC with Windows XP in ROM) and be useful. Cool? No not really - Geeky? Damn straight! :o)

Anyhoo - I've added some links down on the right in the .geek section for the XBOX, Gamecube and Playstation 2. Have a nose if that sort of thing excites you (or you use Linux like me and have one of the mentioned).


Half-Life 2 out this summer.... maybe

Click here for the - "Half-Life 2 out this summer" article

Not May then... in fact, no more news until E3 - which is a bit of a blow!

Oh well... on with the waiting (I would what WILL be released on time this year?)

EDIT: Slashdot are now running the story too based on a CNN link.

Another quick update

I have changed the main splash page to be a bit more structured... it was only ever there to give the site presence but I like it and it's staying (for now). I've rarely seen a blog with anything to bring you in to the site (with some colour) anyway so why not.

You can see it here if you can't be bothered to refresh the screen ;o)


Just testing..

..Okay so I have some work to do :oP


Yep I've updated the .porsche page and the .aboutme pages... have a nose!

Take special attention on the Porsche page of the snow. In Portsmouth. In winter. Weird!

Oh and another pic of my Gemma... love her to bits!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

openbracket - For the webdeveloper in us all - closebracket

I'm always trying to find SOMETHING to occupy my time. Probably because I can.

Maybe not though.

But I came across these guys a while ago and now I put them here for me when I forget the link (already have).

Webmonkey - and for extra comic value it even has the work "Monkey" in there.

I know I laughed.

Don't forget .net as another really really useful place to visit.

Why are you still here?

More games!

Aren't I good?

Fetchfido - Flash/Shockwave games

Halo 2 release date... oh.

Well I was expecting something early May time but it appears I (and most others) were wrong.


A lovely news story for you!

Found it!!

I've been searching for a model of my 911 for ages... found it at last! Here!

I guess it must be my "turn" for bad luck.

The Porsche started smoking last week... and every clue pointed to something horribly (and expensively) wrong with valve guides or something similar. As yet I don't know what it is (and she's no longer doing it) but I'm told it's likely just to be a leaky oil return pipe (that's not bad...). So maybe safe on that one O_o

Got pulled over last night by the Police too - they followed me over 6 miles just to check my tax disc (she's LHD so it's on the other side!)... they asked everything but my shoe size (and did this all outside my house)... I dunno; must have nothing better to do.

Stupid lorry covered her in mud this morning.

Got me a new PC... but it doesn't work. It DOES work.. just not with MY hard disk. Like... eh? Plug it in... dead.

Why.... me?