Sunday, March 05, 2006

A reason for my absence

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks!
Firstly, I have a job. I work for Fat Face - check out the link to see what they do. I'm a 2nd/3rd line technician, engineer.. person. Thing. It's interesting. It's actually an awful lot to take in and I'm a bit lost, but I expect to find my legs soon and get stuck in. People keep asking me if I'm "enjoying it" - well, I'm no longer 18 and don't feel the need to say "Yes" to that. It's a good job, with good people doing something I know I'm good at. Enjoy wise? Well, sitting on a beach, climbing a mountain, drifting a muscle car, seeing Gemma - those are enjoyable things :) But yeah, I guess it's "enjoyable" ;)

I spent a good couple of weeks in and out of interviews trying to get that job (although it was the last, and quickest 1st and 2nd interviews I went through) and then I spent last week trying to fit in and learn everything. That'll continue for the next couple of weeks/months I expect!

The upshot is, I don't have access to the internet like I did - nor e-mail. At AT&T I had a pretty free reign of the interweb and it's secrets, so I could blog on my lunch or if I saw a cool link. Now I cannot - so I'll have to find time at home - and that ain't easy.
So, I've cut back on my forum use; Club Calibra and so on are a "one-visit" a day (if that) now and I don't post. I used to a lot. Now, well.. maybe 3 in the last fortnight. Funnily enough I'm now in the habit of not checking it and I'm happy with that. Probably more healthy too. :)

Next up? A car. I had hoped to have one sorted by now, but I can't get a loan. I suspect my change of job has something to do with that, but I'll report back soon on my progress and what I'm hoping to buy!