Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The (local) world has gone crazy.

You're probably aware that we are about to have fuel protesters march against the oppression that is our government. In doing so they will achieve something that only protesting can - nothing. Looking back through history, you'll notice that protesting makes people aware (in the general populous) that there is a large scale difference in opinion on the given subject. However, it never actually changes the enforced opinion, nor does it help.
In our case, panic buying has caused widespread disruption already with some fuel stations closed completely or even worse, clogging roads and stopping new supplies from arriving.
Hell, the protesting doesn't start until tomorrow!
It appears that the event will be over three days - Wednesday the 14th through Friday 16th. In doing so it may even stop me from travelling to Exeter to help Gemma move in to her new Uni residence. Well that's great isn't it? Not only can I not travel but the prices will remain high and the country will be in a state of annoyance. Woo.

Personally I agree, things need to change. However, how this will happen is beyond me at the moment. Protesting won't do it; that's certain.

Safe travelling everyone - and do the sensible thing and keep your speed down eh? :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

New BMW Z4 Coupe

From the Frankfurt show... here. I don't know.. I think I like it (shock. horror. etc.). Could be worse!