Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hi all and chaps and stuff

There was a time when I'd post 10, 12 times a day. Now, I can't manage that many posts a month. It's not for the want of trying, I assure you!
So I'll post now as I can. Relaxed on my bed watching an SG-1.. :P

So, first off, I've now watched pretty much every episode of SG-1 back to back - season one through seven (at the moment). I was already up with eight and nine... but I'll rewatch them as I go. Why? Well, every week they refer to something in the past, and it was annoying me. SG-1 has become one of my favourite shows and I'd owed it to myself to catch up. Yes. Yes I did.

Both SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica are over now for another season. I was impressed at how they both bowed out - and look forward to seasons ten and three respectively. Although, BG being put back until October is a little annoying. :(

There is a new car on the horizon - I'll post up when it arrives and I think you'll like it :D

Work is work BTW. Long days have come/gone and are coming - I don't much mind, but then again, I don't much enjoy it either. Probably. Or not. Lol. It's work and the people are great. Nuff said.

If you don't already enjoy CTRL ALT DELETE then get involved and start reading. Yes, it's a comic - so shhh and read it.

Oh.. Gemma is online.. I'll post more later :D