Thursday, February 26, 2004

Can't we all just.....getalong?

I love my forums. I spend more time posting on them than I do using spoken word. I love 'em.

Which is why it pains me to see ClubCalibra being divided the way it is.

If you like and visit forums then have a look at both:


I'll always support the club. ALWAYS - even after I've sold my Calibra(s). But I won't stand idly by and watch it disintergrate.

Long live the Calibra... and it's community.

I've heard of rice but this is crazy...

Take a Honda - spend a few thousand and you have "rice". It's a US term for a heavily modified car - and not a nice term. My Calibra Turbo would likely have earned that title with it's spoiler (now deceased).

But this is rice on another level!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A thing of beauty

I do not know how long this will stay up (it's an ebay auction) but I'll put it here anyway.

You liked Gone in 60?

You'll love this!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Ninja golf

I don't need to explain myself to you!

However... here it is


Fark me!

A wonderful news site - with us as the submitters (yeah, I know -"Submitters" is not a real word)... I like.
Everything from basic BBC stuff to more, "interesting" material. Have a look!

Monday, February 23, 2004

Adrenaline is for wusses...

Popping the door you glance inside. Everything is dark, black leather. But yet it's inviting you - at first you think "Yes!" but then you realise that this may not be a good idea.

Many times I've been told to leave dreams just that.

But yet you sit down. Closing the door you are now consumed by the interior. It's clean and simple. Controls actually appear to look like they do what they are supposed to and there aren't many of them. Hmm.

Key in hand you glance at the dashboard to see the ignition is near the door... on a left hand drive car. Odd place? Depends if you know your racing history or not.

Another quick glance and time to meet key and ignition.

Clutch in, key turns, engine..... starts.

A splutter, a rush of noise and then a rumble as six pistons arranged in a horizontally opposing fashion come to life and then settle to idle. The largest gauge in the dashboard; the one that is right in the centre; the only one not obscured by the wheel or other controls; reads around 500rpm.

Feathering the gas the engine responds with a air-cooled rattle. It's not smooth like your usual 4-pot; but it means business and really really doesn't want to sit here. Who could refuse that noise?

Gear selected. Cluch up. You're moving.

Gentle roads and rpm feathering allow the thick oil to heat and thin - lubricating everything that needs it. The oil temp hits the sweet spot.

"Redline her. She was designed to be redlined... won't drive right unless you do... over 4000rpm it gets interesting"

A clear road, low geared.. revs building smoothly but not franctically.

Then there it is.. 4000rpm. All of a sudden the car squats, engine note changing completely. and you're off - 7000rpm is already there; next gear; pedal hits carpet; again 7000rpm - almost before hand is back on steering wheel another 7000rpm... the obscured speedo gauge reads three-figured KPH - and not in the legal range.

Running out of road you let engine braking bring the car back to civilisation. Adrenline pumps blood through the heart harder and faster than should be possible while physically not moving.

Taking a smaller road, the opportunity presents itself again... this time with corners...

It was 2 miles to Asda from home. 28 miles later you're nearly there.

No I can't remember why I bought a 911 either... ^_^

Something about a door...

These doors do not open like regular doors. Oh no, they glide upwards - almost effortlessly.
They do not swing scissorlike or even butterfly like - like so many a misworded quote. These are gullwings.

These particular doors are attached to a gleaming stainless bodywork. Roughed up by grades of sandpaper on purpose to allow an easily maintained finish. But yet the grain is straight and still maintains a glorious shine.

These doors are attached to a car made famous to some by a series of movies; to others through job loss and government arguement.

These doors are to some more famous than the car they are attached to. To see the car glide past turns many a head - to see the doors open is to stop people in the street; mid conversation; whether they want to or not.

Owning these doors - while attached to this particular car - become less obvious. They become the entry point to the car; and the exit.

As I come to sell my doors I realise I will no longer be able to open them in public. No longer be able to pull up at a show and leave them wide open just for looks. No longer be able to tell people I own these doors.

So I must look for another pair - something the same; yet different.

I always looked to the future with these doors... now it's time to look back to the future one more time...

Ah another game doth rack thy brains

Here's the Crimson Room.

You goal: To escape.

I did it in just over 10 mins... have fun ;)

Hidden in the depths on MS's website... humour!

Yep you guessed it.. they had to hide it but it's there - a well written, very funny, description of a tool.

It's for something called Tweakomatic... have a read!