Friday, December 05, 2003

Get geared up!

Want to play an annoyingly addictive game?

Click here then...

I'm on level 15 at time of writing... have fun! ;o)

EDIT: Okay.. I just completed it... still, wasn't easy!

1 day left...

Yup, at midnight tonight I'm officially twofive.

Why does it hurt my chest to sneeze?

Off to Exeter this afternoon to see my Gemma. Should be a good weekend. I get a year older; but I do it with the only person I'd want to do it with. Ah...

Thursday, December 04, 2003

2 days to go...

Until twofive.... :eek:

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Fortune favours the bold... and stupid

Thought it sounded good, okay?

You know, I might have been around for nearly quarter of a century but this country has been around a lot longer. Yet still I watch the same stupidity daily.

Why is it, that if the sky doth drop water on to our heads and roads does it take me twice as long to get to work? I can still do 30mph safely but why can't anyone else? The mind boggles. Boggles!

Also we seem unable to accept the fact that our winter is colder, darker and generally more unpleasant than our summer (though, I'll admit, not by much). So why does the country change? People stop going out in the evening.. I'll use my fitness class as good example - March through Septemer an average of 15/20 people. October through March.. 3. Amazing.

It didn't rain today. Much.

Another world..

This makes me laugh. I'm happy simply to be a 993 owner. I suppose I'm at the very very bottom of the ownership pile though. I can just about afford to run it - let alone be picky on interior colour! Hehe... gotta love it.


The new P900...

Do I need it? No.

Team anyone?

I might invite some peeps to post here.. for fun more than anything. At least until I add a "Comment" feature..

So who can I trust to post?

Short list.


.site stuff

Just to note that none of the .site stuff will be up until next week at least. I need time to build the pages and get it looking nice. Which I can't do here.

Plus I have to make it through my twofive before then.

(Si.. you're a git)

Oh to be 5 again..

As Christmas rapidly approaches I can't help but think back to when I was young enough (get that, "young" enough!) to enjoy Christmas for what it was - A celebration. Now I almost loath it's coming.. and for the right reasons.

When you're young it's all about being on holiday, being with your family and getting stuffed full of food and drink and of course... presents! Now.. well, now I work until Christmas day - have to spend a fortune (even though it's not about the money) and I'm suddenly aware of how crappy the weather is.

Getting old. Fun isn't it.

Maybe one day I'll have kids and I can enjoy it through them. Or I'll start holidaying in Florida over Christmas and spend Christmas day on the beach. Hmmm... The latter sounds good.

There is one good thing.. I get the roads to myself ;o)

Of course this year is slightly different - for I have Gemma. And now things don't seem so bad. Sure, I can't be arsed to spend a great deal (except on her where I actually want to) but I get to see her - and that's the best present I could ever wish for!

"Whoooaaa Baby!" - Terry Tate (yeah I can't get enough of that!)

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Linux lots, Windoze not much

Here I am, typing a blog on Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1... in SUSE Linux 8.2 (I have 9 but have yet to upgrade!).. all thanks to the wonder chaps/chapesses at Codeweaver.

I've also used Opera, Mozilla and Firebird but I thought I'd rub it in.

Oh my... that lot makes me a geek!


Bed time.. nighty night... Zzzz

Quote of the day...

There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes.
- Doctor Who

You could ask why... but I'd lie. :o)

Been a hectic day. Spent most of it building this basic blog (gotta love that term - blog!) and now I'm watching "Time Gentlemen Please", cooking dinner (mac and cheese!), blogging and surfing. Who said men couldn't do more than one thing at once! Ha.

Things do not look good in my favourite community (ClubCalibra.. see the link on yer right). You would think that a common interest would bring people together. Maybe we're becoming too American. Maybe we're not American enough. Seems that people are complaining for things that they should not be complaining about and it's causing a ruckuss. Personally all I want is to see, hear and talk Calibra when I'm there - not the politics of a website/forum. Oh well...

Onward and upward!

Whhooooaaaa!!! - Terry Tate (damn he's insightful)

What can be created in a day...

Already I'm getting in to the swing of things... isn't this fun? (say yes or else.. I'll set Terry Tate on yo ass!)

hehe.. funny stuff

Need some more pages.. info on me, the maaaany cars and some interests. Damn my brain hurts!

3pm... hmm.

DVD has barely arrived and it's already SO 1972! ha.. ;o)

Go here, watch this, play that...

Quick post to put up some of my fave things right now:

Love actually - works so well, even with 10 odd stories running together. I'm a sucker for Mr. Curtis' films and this is his best yet. Look out for some clever cameos.

Neocron - the best MMORPG I've seen. The game SWG should be but probably never will be. You'll likely be 0wn3d though :oP
Max Payne 2 - because.
NFS Underground - because it's so silly it's fun.
Dues Ex 2 - only if you've played the first one... then go enjoy this one. Cleverly done - but like most sequels, not as good as the original.
Lock ON - this proves that flying is too hard to be fun. But when something is as pretty as this.. well, all is forgiven.

Terry Tate - hilarious. Just go...
FHM.. for all your lady needs. Has some good time wasting links there too
Miniclip - mindless gaming galore
Milk and cookies - silly site but worth checking out
Match puzzle.. does what it says on the tin

Have fun!

Getting the hang of this.. or so I'm told

It would seem that my "front end" will have to wait. I'll have to brush up on my coding. Hmm.

So anyway - on with the blog.
Interesting things, these. Been a big fan of Wil Wheaton's site for many years and always fancied doing something similar - so here it is. Not that it'll be popular - but it's not meant to be. More likely something I can look back on and think "What?".

On Saturday I hit the big twofive. It shouldn't be a big deal. In fact I shouldn't even be mentioning it here (for even that makes it so). But, for all things. It is (a big deal in case I'd lost you..).
Gemma (my un-nervingly beautiful girlfriend) is a petite onenine a few days later. So, if the old adage "You're only as old as the woman you feel" is true.. I'm doing alright.
But if you still feel the urge to make me feel older or (OLD) then go ahead. So age has PwN3d me. Big deal. :o)

(edit.. second time I've written that.. oh I do love Microshaft)

Twos up!

Second post in as many minutes (factoring by 10 of course)

Well it's up.. seems blogger needs to be edited - at least template wise - by hand. Should be interesting. I've always used Dreamweaver and enjoy the whole WYSIWYG interface. Darn.

Notice I'm still not working. Good here "innit" :oP

Who am I?

Okay.. first post of the blog. More of a test than anything. Hmm. Anything. I could be doing anything right now. I should be working, but I'm not. I'm sat in my office typing this. How odd.