Saturday, December 20, 2003


Click here for a video. About 6mb.

Just watch it.

So cool.


Hope the owner doesn't mind... but I've added a link to Drivetoish in the .gen links section.
A collection of car vids... very very nice! ;o)

Friday, December 19, 2003

The white stuff

Snow. I meant snow. Geez... ;o)

Well the possibility is strong for Scotland and the East coast over the weekend. Not here though. Never here.
I live in a well-protected area (weather wise at least) and the worst I'll see is driving rain or frost.

Not that I want snow. It's cold, mucky and means the roads will be covered in car-eating salt. How much fun can that be?

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

DOOM on film... or is it?

After mentioning the DOOM film a friend on CC mentioned that it had already been made and was awful (went straight to video - thanks nicholasp!) - a quick Google brings up these sites: here and here
I'll see if I can find the offending film and post a link to it - the above links show the film is still in pre-production and will be based on DOOM 3... hmm, interesting!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Computer games in to films...

Been a worrying trend don't you think?

The list of up-coming computer-to-celluloid is quite a long one!

House of the Dead - You all must remember the arcade classic by SEGA? Oh yes...
Resident evil - was a.. erm, "smash hit" a couple of years ago.. so, yeah, a sequel is due out next year. Woo hoo.
Likely we'll see more Tomb Raiders too.. the last one sucked on a level I had never experienced before. It was really. Really. Awful.

I still fondly remember the days of Amiga games (hell, even Speccy games) made, usually by Ocean, of films. They were 99% sideways scrollers! Hudson Hawk, Adams Family, Predator, Aliens etc etc.. ah those were the days. At least it was one way! Film-2-Game... I guess it's due to spiralling game development costs - I wonder what Half Life and Doom will look like on the big screen... LOL.

New .site page added!

Check out my Billing pics either by clicking on the word "Billing" here or down on the right... beware, there are a lot of pics there! (38 total). Enjoy!

.delorean page up!

Why not eh?

.porsche page up!

Yep.. that's up too. Now only the DeLorean page to do!

And the Gallery...

And the....

I talk too much

I'm having to archive already... can you believe that? Maybe I'm getting this wrong.. but it only shows a few days worth of posts!

Well the archives are down on the right... ;o)

EDIT: It's set to show 7 days on the main page... ah well I'll leave it until I have a couple months worth then re-set it all! Hehe

A big deal?

So Saddam isn't giving the US anything juicy to use.

Why would he?

Does anyone realise that it wasn't him that attacked the US? And he, personally, wasn't responsible for most of the attocities in Iraq?

Well... maybe it'll help if they catch and detain that Osma bloke. He, alone, has some explaining to do.

Video links..

Just thought I'd post up some video links (car related!):

Flixvault - Top Gear clips aplenty!
Runeb - Loads of stuff here...
Vtec - A forum link with tons of clips
TG/5th Gear - It's got a couple of old episodes on but is in limbo while a database is rebuilt. Still should be good!

That lot should keep you busy ;o)

Monday, December 15, 2003

Trailers worthy of note...

Garfield - Interesting to see how he looks in live action!
Harry Potter 3 - The next in the series... looks good.
The Day After Tomorrow - Special effects galore!
Spiderman 2 - Just a
Shrek 2 - This looks really funny!
Along Came Polly - The lovely Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller in, what looks to be a great comedy

Super Mario World beaten in 11 minutes...

Saw this a while back but it's kinda cool.. if you're a geek. :oP

Click here

Sunday, December 14, 2003

.fun links

Some more fun links added...

Milk and Cookies is packed full of stuff to waste time on!

Sunday Sunday

Been a busy couple of days!
Picked Gemma up from Exeter on Friday morning/afternoon and brought her home (500km round trip) in the 911. Car drove very nicely and did the entire journey on one tank of fuel (to my surprise!). Of course she didn't come out unscathed.. the exhaust tail pipes have just fallen off (rusty brackets) and she looks filthy (despite a clean!). Oh well... next year she'll get that respray.

Of course the main point is that Gemma is home. :oD - should be the best Christmas ever.

Monday tomorrow. Going to spend more on two pathetic brackets than I have so far on Gemma. Porsches do not come cheap.

Oh, and Saddam has been captured. Didn't see that coming.