Thursday, March 03, 2005

The last Audi TT...

Has been unveiled. Why am I mentioning it? Because it's got 240bhp and is really expensive. Mad. :

On the motoring note, some links:

Firstly the Brabus SLR. I'm not sure why this exists... but anyway, it's cool in a "It wasn't fast enough to begin with" way.

Secondly the Koenigsegg becomes the fastest production road car. It'll go faster but they'll need a bigger track (Gonna need a bigger boat...).

Thirdly, the Veyron goes in to production. Quite rightly, someone comments that it may come with a copy of Duke Nukem Forever

And lastly, the Aston Martin V8. I think this is cool beyond words. I was chatting to a friend and I asked him which story was coolest - he said the Koenigsegg... me, the Aston - for a start the doors open normally (which in super car terms, is odd!).