Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Here's to 2006. And. Stuff.

I hope you all have a great year. I hope mine is even better :D

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The intrawebnet is all interesting and stuff


First off, in 10 days (according to we get SG-1, Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica back on US TV screens. I cannot wait for BG, it's just been announced as best show of 2005. Hardly surprising really eh! Oh the joy!

Second, get over to and check out next years new movies. The likes of X3, MI:3 and Miami Vice. 2006 looks to be a lot of fun at the movies!

Finally, for now, don't forget the likes of CTRLALTDEL-ONLINE, Streaptease comics and Red Vs Blue. :)

Ah it's been weeks

I have an excuse. I really do. Um.
Well, you see, I've been made redundant. Not a surprise really but it's happened. Adding to that that I've also had to take holiday (yeah end stuff) and the little factoid of Gemma being home means I haven't really been at the computer all that much. Since I don't need to go in to work any more either I don't have that need to type bollocks instead of working. Yet. I still have to find a job though of course but I'm kinda hoping I'll be busy in the next one. Who knows though, eh?

There has been loads going on though of course! My Birthday came and passed (and I blogged that little event) and now Christmas just slid by without anyone noticing at all.
How did I do? Well I got a nice Maya DVD which I intend to use to learn about the software (because I know squat at the moment). A nice shirt (both from Gemma.. ) and one of those Tassimo coffee/tea/choco machines too. Nice. :)

I also picked up a UK copy of World of Warcraft. Why? Well the reason is two-fold. One; I'm online when the rest of the "World" is and Two; everyone I know as moved over too. Hmm.
My character name is "Garrak", a Tauren Warrior and I'm "The Maelstrom". So if you see me about, say "Hi".

It's been nice to relax over the holiday period and I will go in to January with new gusto to find a job and sort myself out. :)

So... I'll post before year end, but to all those who read this: Happy New Year to you all and good luck in whatever comes your way. :)