Friday, November 11, 2005

Histories worst computer bugs

Here's a Wired article about the above. AT&T is in there, along with Intel and the Russians (Cold war baby!) and even the first ever "bug" (yep, it was a real one.. a moth). It's a good read!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ah what a week

Not that anything usually exciting happens. This week my brother went and did gone done broke his left clavicle and right elbow. Silly bugger. He's now in twin-slings and can't do an awful lot.. at least not for the next month or so.
How'd he do it? Well he came off a downhill bike. While travelling downhill. I guess it's a pretty common sort of thing to happen - as accidents do - and he'll be fine in the long run (that's all that matters).

I found, came across, saw a review on The Register, a new phone. It's the Sony Ericsson W550i. It's dead funky, with a Walkman feature (would never use), 3D games such as Worms (would never use), a 1.3MB camera (would never use) and so on - pretty cool. I like the way it swings outward (instead of a clamshell) and can even have the screen work "widescreen" style. It's cool. I want. :)

I went to the Classic Car show last weekend. Really enjoyed seeing the classic metal (including four very nice DeLoreans, Mustangs and even a couple of General Lees) and meeting up with various club members and peeps. Roll on the next one!

Also, should be at the MPH '05 show next week (18th) too - looking forward to that one; the last show was excellent!