Friday, April 28, 2006


..Nintendo has a new name for the Revolution. Wii. Jokes aside, I believe it's simply because it'll sound right in every language. Officially it's because "Wii" sounds like "We" as in - the world. It brings us together. We puke.. yada yada. Who thinks up this stuff? Seriously.

It's big news on SG-1 too! RDA is returning to the fold for 4 episodes. 1 on SG-1 and 3 on Atlantis. Personally I think the man is brilliant to watch - and he only left so he could spend more time with his daughter. Love it. More please!

Battlestar Galactica is getting a spin-off series. Set 50 years before the current show it'll follow two families and the creation of the first Cylon. Cool eh? The more the merrier I say :D

Did I mention Star Trek XI?. Not much to go on just yet... but I like Star Trek so I'll likely enjoy whatever comes of it. :)

Sneaky insurance company...

Just got the renewal through for the Calibra. It's a bit of a bummer as if I don't renew I can bring it to PV or Billing - if I do, I'm possibly throwing money away if I can sell/break it... anyway...

On the front page (HIC) is the renewal cost (£449) and the instructions on how to pay up. Then underneath in tiny text is the following:

"..we have found a cheaper alternative premium of £328.."

Eh? How many Joe Bloggses would just go ahead and pay up without reading the tiny print?!

Really boils my blood!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I've taken up doodling at work. Cityscapes, robots, cars and stupid things that start from a line or a circle. Boredom perhaps, or maybe it's my lack of creativity in my day to life. I need to get back in to Maya and the like or I'll go mad. Mad I tell thee.

A couple of awesome links for you.
First is for CellFactor. At the moment it's a tech demo for a physics card (yeah I know) but hopefully it'll mature in to a full game next year. Watch the video. It's really cool.

I also stopped reading Wil Wheaton's site. Not knowingly of course, just life got in the way and my daily routine changed. Well I popped over there today (on a whim) and his site is down. However he has a temporary site up, here. Worth a looksee.

Gemma went back to Exeter at the weekend. This is her final term (blimey) there and I'm not visiting. The idea doesn't sit well within my head, but needs must and hopefully I'll be busy enough that the next 6/8 weeks will sort of fly by. We'll see. :(

I really need a camera.