Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well it's been nearly three weeks since my last update - and with good reason. Beyond sleep, I've pretty much had no time to myself. Not that I can complain, busy is good.

So, the PS3 exists. Good luck to it - it's hideously expensive and not even in the UK yet. Boo.
The Wii is out (and over here on the 8th... right near my birthday) and I reckon it's a winner. I can't wait to have a go myself.
I now have a 'new' XBox 360 - my last one died recently due to bad weather (maybe the sky was the wrong colour). But it's sat in my lounge awaiting a TV to plug it in to. Yup, a pre-req is a TV. Shocker.

The Deanus and I are now getting our fingers out and building our site Helos which, when done, will be our portal for web building. We might even make a buck.

If you're out for a new phone, then I heartily recommend the Orange SPV M3100. Not only is it a phone, but it's a PDA and 2MP Camera. I bought it simply because I needed more info on the move and with it's slide-out QWERTY keyboard and built-in WIFI it covers all the bases. Marvellous.

Observation for today: As a bike rider I am the forgotten about, and pushed aside user of the road. But even I obey the road rules. YOU car drivers do not have right over me - so beeping your horn as I move over to turn right does automatically mean I'm in the wrong you wrinkly old cow.
Red lights, as far as I'm aware, mean STOP. You know, slow down, halt etc. So why, oh why, do I see you monkies (every single day) driving through that red light on the Eastern Road/Farlington roundabout? Okay - so it goes red as you go through it - fine (yellow still means stop your car fool) but once it's red does that mean 12 cars can safely drive through? No. It does not. Shame on you. Hopefully you'll be caught and/or be involved in an accident that smashes your nice BMW up. Fools.
Let's hope you don't kill the cyclist with right of way.