Friday, March 30, 2007

Is white the new black?

I like black cars. I always have, and I've owned a good few. The Monaro proudly (hiding) outside my house is Phantom black (pretty black if you ask me) and although it's a complete pig to keep clean, I love it. I like other colours too - red (the Citroen is quite fetching and almost wipe-clean) and a nice blue goes a long way.
However, white is not a colour that I'm particularly taken with. It's just so '70s. Beyond that, with the weather we enjoy it's permenatly dirty (in my mind) and the sun doesn't shine enough to get that colour (or lack of) glowing.

But this week I've seen that colour about more than usual. Police cars are going silver now (helps resale) so car manufacturers can try selling the colour as attractive once more. I still remember Porsche (911), Ferrari (Testarossa) and Lamborghini (Countach) all marketing their super cars in white and Porsche are now at it again, as are Lamborhini. Ferrari - not so much.

This very morning I saw a new(ish) BMW M3 in white - and it really suited the car. Odd. The 911 GT3 looks fantastic in white and I'd certainly drive a Murcielago in gleaming white any day of the week. Or an RS4. Or a Monaro. Hmm...