Thursday, August 04, 2005

Monkey Island Comic

Just as the title says!


P.J. Tracy

I've just finished reading the third book from mother/daughter team P.J. Tracy. Starting with "Want to Play" (or Monkeewrench) and on to "Live Bait" and now "Dead Run". I won't go in to them too much (click the links) but I must say I've thoroughly enjoyed every single page. If you enjoy reading - then read. :)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Fortune favours the bold. Or in my case, everyone but me.
It's been a busy few weeks (hence I don't have time for blogging) and things are moving to a "finale" with the Calibra. To what end? I don't really want to think about it to be honest. I know how I am and how I work and I don't see me being happy with it running "right". Or at all. It's future is not assured any more than the 911's is.

I now have the following:
MBE 941 ECU: It's no longer made but does everything I need to get my car over 400bhp (or much more if the engine itself could handle it). It's pre-mapped with a spec not too far off what I have - which is nice. Fitting it doesn't look all that hard either - but I'll make sure Jamie is on hand as he's done it several times before.
500cc MSD injectors: Sure it doesn't mean a lot on screen but think that my old ones were 280cc (or thereabouts) you can see how much difference these will make. I could squeeze 300/350bhp out of the old ones (flow wise) so these should do for 400+bhp.
Wasted-spark ignition: This bit saves me spending a lot of distributer caps, rotor arms and coils. No moving parts = Good.

A few hours work (I have an oil leak that needs attention) and I should be up and running again. There is - of course - more to come update-wise ;)

Now - the rain/pour bit. My 911 is a hard top - not a cabrio. Yet it believes otherwise and has allowed water in to the cabin. Lots of it. This is annoying in the least as the leak appears to be coming from my "bond-in-only" rear screen and that sounds expensive. The leak itself has interferred with the electrics of the car as well and the rear spoiler no longer does it's job (it'll only move manually) and (and?!) my dash electrics are playing up. Being a 911, it's not something I want to mess with so it's going to Camtune to be looked at. I am not looking forward to that at all. If it works out to be very expensive I may just have to work out if I really need a 911. LOL.

In other news, the Clio appears to be fine. :p