Friday, July 22, 2005


Fly by when you're off work! :)

That's primarily why I've not posted. I should be back on form next week when I have some time to kill (or doing a rebuild.. lol).
So I've been busy as usual. Mostly throwing out stuff from the house (making space) and getting rid of stuff I don't need. Even making a few bob too. This is mainly due to having to find several hundred squids to pay for my upcoming ECU/injectors etc that are coming my way! So the Turbo will finally be all-but finished. About bloody time too.

The 911 has been my trusty steed recently too. You gotta love that German build quality. I really need to get it serviced (well, an oil change) and sort some minor bits out but it's being a rock. Love it.

London got bombed again. Great. Can't really understand why though. It's not like it's making a point (still). Sad world we live in.

If you've not seen War Of The Worlds then do so. It's rather fab. I won't go in to detail as there really should be no need. You should all know the story! Spielburg has done a great job. :)
I have to say the same for as well - a great movie that reboots the franchise nicely. I'll be watching this one again soon. And the sequel is pretty much assured.
As is the Fantastic Four I should think. This one is only out today so I've yet to go see it but I expect to soon. It looks good - probably not Spiderman good, but good.
One last one, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I want to see this - rain is expected this weekend so maybe I'll go then.. and report back later!

Ah WoW news. I'm level 60 now - have been for a week or so now :) It rules - now I just need some time to get some decent raids and PvP time under my belt. All in good time! :D

Need to get back to working out.. later.

Monday, July 18, 2005

F1 drivers.. will they strike?

Check it out.
Personally this has made F1 more interesting than actually watching it (I can't.. it bores me to tears). Go soapy drama!


So far I've only seen some random shots (no cars..) but this is certainly impressive.
What I have noted is that on a TV (HDTV?) it'll not look as clean; and with no cars, it does look photo-like. Hmm. XBox360 eh...