Friday, April 16, 2004

Got a Calibra SE?

Then visit THIS page.

Useful eh? I'll add it to the Calibra pages soon.

Friday Ranting

Two things irritated me this morning.

One was the Police camera van sat on a blind corner on the way in to work. I was always sure that speed cameras were used to prevent accidents - not for revenue. Of course I'm not naive enough to believe it but to see the van sat there just proves the point. I do not speed on that road (not many people do) and it's the main route in and out of an industrial site so it's hardly going to have small children en route to school either. Pathetic.

The second was Mrs. "I'm going to get a cigarette out". What exactly makes this safer than using a mobile phone? I mean, you cannot hold a phone (usually about the size of a packet of cigarettes) or type a number in without it attached to the car. So why can you get a packet out, open it, pull out a cigarette and then proceed to light and smoke it? It takes BOTH hands to do part of that! Effing marvellous.... because ciggies bring the government money I guess that's alright.
I hope her, and everyone else that does it, crashes (without harm). That'll not teach them a thing mind you.

Personally (due to my anal attitude to things) I won't drink, eat or generally do anything other than drive my car while it's moving (hell I won't even do it when stationary). It's a car after all.

Rant over. Enjoy your day ;)

Thursday, April 15, 2004

3D desktops?

Check out Sphere for WinXP.

Interesting concept - I wonder how it works? I guess if it could be used in the same way any FPS does then it'd make for an interesting environment to work within - assuming you couldn't "virtually" put Outlook 20 miles away....

An FPS weighing in at under 100k?

Indeed it is true... you can see the pics and download the beta demo here



.. for being so quiet recently but I've had a lot on. But soon that will change and I'll be back to irritating the masses with my usual garble.

But for those still here I give you THIS - it should either make you smile or become quiet ill.

Enjoy ;)