Friday, June 03, 2005


Yesterday I went and picked up my new 993!
The day started at just before 5am. Up I got (evenutally) and showered and downed a coffee (5am is too early!). Russ kindly picked me up at 6am and dropped me off on a very dull and grey morning to Southampton airport.
Luckily my flight was on time and the journey short - I arrived in Manchester at around 8am and was picked up very quickly by Peter's wife.
She took me to the car and I had a look around - and was impressed!
I thought it was solid black - however, she's a diamond black - a very slight flip in the paintwork. So that makes her quite different to my previous car! (and probably harder to clean.. lol). But she's a looker alright.
The deal was done and I set off on my way home in driving rain (typical). All went well except for a couple of niggles (fuel gauge is playing up).
I stopped on the M40 for a coffee and a quick bite to eat. Big mistake. I think. Anyway; on leaving a woman reversed in to me while I sat still! So within 2 hours of buying it it's already having an insurance claim.. oh well! It's not bad.. just annoying.
I managed to get home after about 5 hours in a very dirty Porsche - hehe - and I'm happy with her. I have some things to sort out and she needs cleaning but for now.. it's all good. I'll get some pics up later - but I have more pressing matters like PV this weekend to arrange and get ready for! So the Calibra needs a wash first... it never ends! lol

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What a day!

Firstly, I didn't even get to the office before I was accosted by dead PCs. A rather nasty virus outbreak here has caused chaos. In actual fact, only 2 people even had a virus (so far) but many others thought they did and their accounts were suspended. Whoop. So it's been a mad house today and I haven't even logged on to MSN or Yahoo! (always the first thing I do). But I'm knackered now so I thought I'd blog.

My new insurance company are being a pain. Since I'm with a broker my contact isn't to blame but it's still annoying. Basically I needed my cover note today so that I could tax the 911 tomorrow in Manchester. Has it arrived? No... so they are sending it my special delivery TO Manchester for arrival tomorrow. It had better be there or I'm taking my business elsewhere.

Early night tonight (doubtful as I won't sleep anyway) as I have to be up at 5am! Rah.

Oh and Gemma has her first exam tomorrow! EEEK! Best of luck to her! :D

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Was.. yesterday! Ha.. it was nice to have the day off. Makes the week a little shorter.

So what have I been up to? (and who cares?).
I've seen Star Wars: Episode 3 twice this last weekend. Once with a friend and once with my brother (and Laura). I enjoyed it more the second time as I was able to take in more of the "surrounding action" - that which you miss the first time while trying to keep up.
It's not a bad film (some of the acting is... well, questionable) but it suffers from CGI overload which I think screws the actors over. It looks amazing however you look at it though. Simply awe inspiring. It's simply a shame that the actors can't see anything while they're filming it.
Would I recommend it? Yes. I wanted to love this film simply due to the fact the previous efforts were a let down; and that was enough for me. Cynic? Yep.
Go see it - ignore the the Chancellor and his warblings and the ONE and only scene that shows Anakin going from good to bad and you'll enjoy it. Even better - take your brain out on the way in.
"There were heroes on both sides."
"Evil is everywhere".
Duh.. (you'll see).

What else. Ah yes - made 49 in WoW. Then stopped.. ran out of quests and areas to get decent XP. Hardly surprising - but I was trying to play the game properly. That'll teach me.

My poor Gemma has an evil cold. AND she has to start her exams this week. I do miss her.