Saturday, July 10, 2004

Porsche page updated!

Click here to see new pics of my 18 inch turbo twists. A big improvement on the BBS wheels in my opinion! :D

Friday, July 09, 2004

Rain drops keep falling...

Well the last few days have seen some pretty heavy rain. It's been on the national news; it's been in the papers.

While I'll admit it's been bad I cannot understand the mentality of people on the roads (yeah you can see where this is heading).
This is England. It's not Miami, nor is it sunny Spain. It's England. We usually have rain around 9 months of the year and so you'd think we'd be used to it. Well clearly we aren't.

I take precautions on the roads. I try to keep my speed down when the weather is not "ideal" and generally extend the gap between myself and the car in front. Now you can see the problems this causes. If there is a gap it means it needs to be filled. Cars cut me up and then slow down - forcing me to do the same (and this is where traffic jams happen), and those that don't, try to do 110mph in the outside lane. Black and White. On or Off. Simple eh?

Recently all I've noticed is that if rain starts to fall then people are immediately incapable of driving. The gas pedal becomes something new and not to be used. Fog lights turn on and speed on a national limit slows to 40mph. Granted the rain was so bad one night that 40mph seemed high but that was an exception to the rule!

What am I saying? Learn to drive! It isn't all that hard.

And to that 90 year old bloke straddling lanes last night at 55mph... **********!!!!

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807,588,861 Seconds

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Pop over and visit A once dead Delorean brought back to life in a new and interesting way. Although a little beyond my means I would hope to have something as interesting in my next DeLorean...

Holy freaking wow... 0_o

This you have to see. 1000bhp '69 Camaro.

If it isn't the sweetest thing on four wheels I don't know what is.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

.Calibra updated...

With more engine work. It's brief because of problems.. but it's getting there very slowly!