Friday, March 11, 2005

Minor update to the turbo page

Check it out here.

A bad week

Well it started (sort of) with a great weekend with Gem. Then I came home and it all started to go to poo. Big poo.

Wednesday started with a stomach ache. By 8pm I couldn't stand up and by 10pm I was being really very sick. Not nice at all.
A sleepless night ended with me calling in to work sick as I was feeling like hell.
By Thursday evening I was fine and had to pop out. So I took the 911. And ended up in a ditch.

Coming off of a roundabout I hit something (oil...diesel?) and the rears lit up. I was doing maybe 30mph in 4th at 2k rpm and suddenly redlining the engine. Off she went (out of my hands by that point) and put me sideways in to a ditch.

I've been to see her at a garage and it's not great but I hope to get her back in one piece - only time will tell.

I shall get pics up on the Porsche page soon, but if you can't wait then check out my post on ClubCalibra (with pics). :(

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Audi Quattro's 25th...

..and they celebrate by getting an A6 up a ski ramp..

Story here. In all fairness, it's a repeat of something they did 19 years ago with the 100. Steep too.

I did, gone, done, bought one of these...

It's not here yet but I've pur-chased an iMac :)

The 20inch (as the pic says), 1.8Ghz G5 with all the bits :P - can't wait!
I hope to be blogging from that very soon. I've already moved the PC upstairs and installed wireless cards and routers all over the show!
Ah... no more MS... ;)


I posted page 5 of that thread below... so don't forget to visit the others! :D

A great "chop" thread

Right here.

Cars... only, really short! :)