Thursday, December 11, 2003

We're all "Doom-ed"!!

Over at Gamespy there is a nice little spot on the 10th anniversary of Doom. Many of you will remember it fondly; some of you are still playing it!

Shame on you...

Just kidding!

Here are some great links courtesy of the Gamespy gang:

# Over at Doom Depot, they've just released a PC conversion of DOOM 64, meaning new maps, new monster graphics, the works. Spiffy. (Doom 64 PC conversion)

# The Flashback project just released a demo. It looks to replace every map in the original DOOM with a similarly-themed alternate map. Looking great so far ... I'm a sucker for episode 1 stuff. (Download Flashback Demo)

# Speaking of which, check out Fava Beans, a superb episode 1 replacement for the original DOOM. It's classic and very nicely designed.

# Outside of UAC_Dead, it doesn't get much more classic (or awesome) than Aliens Total Conversion. It comes in two parts.

# Skull Tag is a nifty multiplayer game based on ZDoom. Its site does a poor job of explaining it, but it's pretty cool.

# ZDaemon is a very nice Internet-friendly version of DOOM. The only bad part is it's based on a somewhat old version of ZDoom.

# Lastly, Doomworld is having its own 10th anniversary celebration, and part of that is an article on classic maps. Check it out. They know their stuff.

And don't forget PlanetDOOM for the latest DOOM news.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Episode 3 spoilers anyone?

Here they are... who dies, who doesn't and most importantly - why anyone cares anymore! LOL!

"The force is strong in this one"


To modify, or not to modify - that is the question

Well it's already begun.

The spoiler comes off next week. So does the rear wiper (and assembly). Next year it'll be painted up.

The rocker cover is being done in Cadburys purple soon too.

Then the work begins....

"How do you say 200mph?"


Oops "I've" done it again... silly bugger.

Oh how I try not to.

But I cannot help it.

It is like a disorder. A compulsive one. Bugger.

Can you guess what I've started?


Bugger. :oD

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

.site Calibra stuff up!

Well a brief Calibra page is up.. I'll get them all up if I get the time this week.

It's basic but it does the job. One day it'll be quite cool.. but for now; web presence is better than nothing eh!

Click away! :oD


Linux really needs more complete, easily-installed, applications on the web. It's really not useful having to compile a back-end program before installing it - then doing the same for a frontend GUI interface.

I had Xine working wonderfully but no longer... oh it should be fun getting video running again!

No luck with Neocron on Linux either. I'd so like to drop Windoze but something always sits there screaming "WON'T RUN!"... hehe...


Monday, December 08, 2003


Hmm.. Kazaa lite works on Windows. Works - sort of - on Linux too. But I thought I'd try a vanilla flavour and go for something that will run on Linux natively (as all things should).


1. GiFT.. so far it won't compile. Says a variable is missing. Great. Next.

Screw it.. got Kazaa running under Crossover Office... nicely too.

Well it works for now... :oP

A Creek-y ending?

Well I just watched the end.. of Dawson's Creek. I've never been an avid watcher but have certainly kept up over the years. This, I think, was a fitting end - and one that wasn't toooooo gushy-American-moral-issues-crap. I had something in my eye; got me a couple of times - stupid eyes.

Still, hard to believe most of my teenage shows are ending so suddenly and frequently. Okay, Dawson's doesn't rank up there with Friends but that's over too.

I wonder what my kids will complain about in their mid-twenties? The mind surely boggles.

My kids will never have Farscape though...

I'm not 25... I'm not okay!

Heh.. well I tried. Twas only my birthday for one day. Only one. Yet for some reason I'm told that after my birthday I'm still old. Sucks to be me eh! :oD

Great weekend though. Got the coolest present from my Gemma - a drinking Chess set! - will have fun with that over Christmas! Hehe.. and of course, thanks to all those that I got cards from. Cheers!

I'm on holiday now for two weeks. Nerr....