Saturday, June 12, 2004

Motor Show LIVE pics up!

You can see them by clicking on the menu item on the right (down in .site stuff) or by clicking right HERE

.calibra updated!

Some progress on the engine today - and more part arrivals. With any luck most of the engine will be rebuilt in a fortnight. With a small miracle even the bottom half could be back in the car then too! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I ventured out and saw this last night with my mum. Having seen the previous two I was expecting more of the same and was pleasantly surprised. The film moved much quicker than the last film and was, in my opinion, darker too.
The special effects were to a point where I didn't question them (especially Buckbeak) and the level of acting was espeically high.
Michael Gambon also fits the part of Dumbledore much better too - he's slightly mad; exactly how he should be (taking nothing from Richard Harris' performance!).
For those not in the know (how could you not be?) this film follow's the escape of Sirius Black from Azkabar prison; Harry being his target. The film introduces Professor Lupin as the new Dark Arts teacher and the Dementors (the guards of Azkaban) and their constant hating on Harry (well done too).
I won't go in to it any more (not that I have) but it's certainly worth seeing! Well recommended! :)

Dictator of sitcom character?

See if you can beat this website. I managed it only once and the reference was pretty obsure (Tom Quinn from Spooks!). But pretty much everyone else I chose it got!
Have a go!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Raytracing for the masses

Following on from the Quake story here are a couple of sites you might like:

POVRAY - A free raytracing program. Has been around so long now I can't even remember when I first used it! I do know I had it on the Amiga many years ago.. it's still going strong!
Blender - Not a raytracer but certainly an excellent 3D modeller...

Have a play - I'd recommend Blender since I'm using it ;)

Quake 3 gets Raytraced!

Oh yes! My favourite past time for days gone by has now found it's way in to gaming with this Quake 3 demo. Not a bad effort considering it needed 20 AMD 1800XP machines to get running. I don't foresee this being the norm any time soon due to the overheads but one day perhaps...

Funny places

Where you live..

No, really.. just pop your post code in the box! - "Fulking hill"? Hehe

Monday, June 07, 2004

Powerbook scammer!

I love scammers being scammed. The amount of money and time I've lost over them isn't worth mentioning... but HERE is a great story! Yay for many in the know!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

A busy, busy weekend!

This weekend I was mostly...
... Well Saturday was an early rise (around 7am), getting Simon up and packing the car ready for the journey ahead. First we drove from Portsmouth to Birmingham; taking in the sights, sounds and complete lack of traffic as we raced to the Motor Show Live at the National Exhibition Centre. A 2 hour drive saw us arrive in good stead and ready to be "wowed" by new and expensive metal.
Simon (Notts way) met up with us and we took in the show.
To be honest I'd have to say that the show was the weakest I've been to yet. There simply wasn't much there (and I mean that in terms of both actual cars and new stuff) but I did manage to sample the new Vauxhall Monaro! To say I'm impressed is an understatement.... but I can't have one :(

We left around 3pm and headed across country to Wellingborough (Santa Pod). Again traffic was non-existant and the journey quick. Simon and I stocked up at Tescos (usual starting point) and made our way to the camp site where we met up with the ClubCalibra crew and enjoyed a few drinks and some munch before retiring (although at this point I must say most people did not.. car engines and music continued throughout the night!).
God only knows what time I first woke but it was early!! I know I was actually up and about around 6:30am... and already the sun beat down on me.. more on that later.
The show started around 9am and the day was spent watching Cally dragsters and touring cars cane the 1/4 mile, all the while the sun hated on us. And it rained.. without clouds. Hmm.
2:30pm we left and had the same empty roads on the way home (which I'm told was the not the case later on!).
Now I'm knackered.
I'll get the Motor Show pics up soonish... now I rest ;)