Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tis a Tuesday

So there is some debate as to whether Top Gear is coming back to our screens. Or, there is debate on whether the current lineup will include Jeremy Clarkson and James May (both are out of contract, I hear).
Actually, JC's comments about them not being back in the summer might just mean that - that they'll be back later on. He's hardly one to be serious in such matters and just loves stirring things up.
Personally I think they'll be back - but I think things may change - not least because the track they use is being redeveloped (so they need a new one). It'll be interesting to see how that moves on (and no, 5th Gear is no replacement).

I'm now nearly six weeks in to the Citroen C1 ownership regime. It's a wonderfully silly little car. Too small for load lugging (thank god) but plenty perky with it's 3-cylinder, 980cc, 69hp Toyota lump. I don't know how fast it'll go (and I ain't trying) but around town it's a hoot and very easy to park (and to clean!). I'd recommend it to anyone that needs cheap and (very) cheerful transport. My only quibble is the fit and finish. But it's cheap.

I've also joined Fitness First (shhh). I'm now training 'of an early morning and I much prefer it to trying to find the energy after teaching in the evening. Sure, I have to pay but now I know for a fact I'll use it!

Gemma and I also redecorated last week. I'll get some pics up at some point - it's rather nice now :)