Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The usual

Um. What the hell is a "quite quote"? I wrote it below on my last entry, but I'll be buggered if I know what the hell it means. :)

Anyhoo. How are you chaps? Great. Me? I'm okay. Slugging the good slug and my new job and keeping the world revolving in my spare time. All 3.75 minutes of it.

So the car is cool. I've still not let rip with those horsies, but I'm getting used to the grunt. It'll happily wheel spin in the dry at very low RPM (since I wasn't trying) and in the wet it'll do it in 3rd from rest. Crazy. To think these engines are easily tunable to over 800bhp. Christ knows where the power is put - the road isn't it.

Work is fine too. Peeps are great; job is "okay". I can't get excited. I try but I have this nagging feeling I'd rather be on a sandy beach enjoying a beer instead. Odd that. Maybe a lottery win will enable me to live my dreams... who knows the numbers? You? ;)

Easter weekend is almost upon us. Rest and a third consecutive attempt and washing the car (without rain) is in order. Otherwise I give up. I fancy a drink or two too. :D

Ooh.. I found (by pure accident) a cool blog site. It has gaming/Apple/coms etc (like the Register or Slashdot) and is a good read with regular updates. It's called QJ.NET. Go have a read. It's cool. ;)