Friday, April 29, 2005

New Batman Begins trailer

It's worth posting this. Really. :)

Firefox hits 50million downloads!

I'm a follower... using it right now!

Check this link out to see realtime downloads!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Porn and Jedi names...

They come up a lot don't they?

Porn name is your first pet's name and your mother's maiden name..

So mine would be something like Tommy Clark. Crap isn't it?

Jedi name is the first two letters of your first name and first two of your second name for your FIRST name. Then the first two letters of your mother's maiden name and the first two letters of your place of birth for your SECOND name..

So mine would be Dawi Clpo. Crap again. Great name I have eh?

Simpsons is number ONE...

At pretty much everything. Firstly the best cartoon ever - now it's the best children's show.
Bloody good show! :D


Indeed. Today had it's ups and downs.
Gemma left (clearly a down, before you take the piss) for University again. I hate that. This Easter has been great; one of my best times with Gem during a "school holiday" and I'm gutted she's gone. Again.

However, I did manage to run around 10 miles this morning. Not a huge thing but my back doesn't like me doing it. Hmm. Tomorrow I may be sore.
I did it prove a point to myself. That I could do it, and therefore do the Great South Run this year. I never get to do it due to injury so this year I'm making that effort.

Wonderful weather too.. until I got home and it rained heavily all afternoon (only here, of course). So I couldn't play car. Did the ironing instead.

One thing I don't get about us Brits - a bit of sun and we all get outside on motorcycles. "That's not odd" you may think - but we do it without leathers. Why does anyone think that a helmet alone will save them in an accident? Bloody idiots.

I've gone and bought another car too. A Renault Clio. I'll get a page up about it soonish (if I can be bothered!). It's nothing special; 1.4RT, 1992 K-plate, 5-door hatch in white. It'll do the job and replace the Calibra as the daily slogger. Doing 3 miles back and forth, short journeys etc were likely going to kill that £8k engine I've just built. So I'll use it for pleasure and work on it in the meantime. At least the Clio has good seats! :)

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy is out this week... I can't wait and am getting the audio books in preperation ;)

Will Smith has a new album out called Lost and Found - the first track is great. :)