Monday, March 29, 2010


Gemma said to me the other day "Do you still use your blog?" to which I replied "No... I don't have time". This is true, but also a little annoying since I used to enjoy it - but life, the job etc have taken over and I no longer do a lot of things I used to - including, gaming, polishing the car and spending time in WoW (I don't really count that as gaming). It's a shame and I cannot really explain it - but I guess I work a lot harder than I used to (except for right now; I'm waiting on something to happen on another computer).

I shouldn't complain - life is good. Hell, since I last blogged, I got engaged. Life flies by eh.

Plenty going on - off to Italy in a couple of weeks to sort some wedding stuff out (yup, we're going out there for the ceremony itself) and I have exams to do - VCP4 in particular as I missed the second-shot deadlines. Phew.


Stay well people. I'll try to blog soon.