Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No PS3 for us until 2007

Kinda pointless if you ask me.. but here is the story. I wasn't much fussed anyway!

Lucky sod..

This chap:

has asked the lovely:

to marry him.. and she only bloody said yes!

Who'da thunk it? :p

Less Friends?

TV bosses are denying the stories. So Friends won't be back after all.

Or will it?

Who knows. If they know what's good for them, they'll do it. But not one of the cast members needs to, not really. :(

Monday, January 23, 2006

Star Trek "Supermovie"

In, what I can only think is a super-attempt at bringing back Star Trek to our screens, is this news story. Picard, Spock.. and the Kirk-meister together? Could it work?
Personally, if I see Picard back I'm happy. Shatner is a god and is best when being funny (or taking the piss out of himself) in Boston Legal.. not sure bringing him back from the dead (Kirk) is a good idea myself. But.. needs must :p

Spidey 3!

May 2007 is the date. Anything else? Sure, get over to either E! Online or Aint it cool news to read about Parker's new love interest :)
Though it may not interest you, she's the original love interest from the comics that died in the scene that Mary-Jane did not from Spidey 1 (the bridge at the end). So I'm not entirely sure how that works.. lol.

More Friends? is reporting that Friends may (well, will) be returning in 2007 for four hour-long specials with all six of our favourites back for more!
This comes off the back of the news that Joey isn't doing well and may be cancelled (damn!). Not only that, but there may be a show called "It's a guy thing" featuring Ross, Chandler and Joey (no idea where the girls got to) too.. odd? Sure, but why not :)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Added some more pics... the Calibra page. Just a recent MIG meets I attended. Thanks to Dan1 and JamieF for taking them. :)