Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Oh the days doth pass slowly...

My lovely other half is back in Exeter studying away for the next 10 weeks. She's only been there a couple of days and I'm already missing sleep. Silly really.
Luckily I'll see her on Friday - a bit like a "fix". I kinda need her company now.

See how I'm trying to be a bloke about it? Not really working - she's my whole world. I should tell her that more often.

Amazing how another human being can change your outlook on life, your personal priorities and general attitude to things. I feel a much better person - more alive around her.

2 days to go! :oD

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Tis a dilema of charged preportions...

So I have, in my garage, a 1995 Vauxhall Calibra Turbo running around 300bhp. It's quick and fun to drive. Right now it's not doing much but waiting on a new spoiler and a rotor arm/cap. I had/have plans to change.. well everything to make it circa 400/450bhp. Quite a tall order you might ask - and you'd be right.

However, this morning I found out that for about the same investment money wise (and a whole less amount of time) is a "bolt on" Supercharger for my 911. Yep. Bolt on.
So I could easily have around 390-odd-bhp in the 911. AND if I wanted to sell the car it could be returned to stock easily and cheaply.

Damn these decisions!

Here's the link to the older version of the supercharger (the new one is better but not available here yet)

Personally I'm now more tempted on the Kompressor... who wouldn't be? RWD fun... with 400bhp! That's just silly... hehe.