Sunday, June 11, 2006

A few places to be

First up, Digg. It's a news site but it's 'dugg' by us. Have a nose, it's great.
Second, after the Halo 3 video I posted below I had a nose around Eurogamer. Lots of trailers for games across all platforms. Really cool.
After my recent XBox 360 purchase I found For all formats but tailored to each machine. It's just a news/link site but it's really helpful.
Wanna chat online, in a browser, using Yahoo, MSN etc? Cool - try Meebo. Clever.
Ever thought you had a really cool favourites/bookmarks list on your browser? Well now you can tell the world and share it with The site is a bit hard to find with it's URL being like that, but it's kinda cool. I've not uploaded/listed anything but it's certainly interesting to see what others have.
If you haven't already visited then I suggest you at least have a look. If you like retro gaming, then this is the place to be. Remakes of games like Paradroid, Wings of Fury and the upcoming Driller are just too great to ignore!
If, like me, you find the idea of installing 3gb or more of Office applications a bore and a total waste of precious gaming/3d space then Thinkfree is where you should be headed. Online. Office. Nuff said. (Oh, and it's fantastic).

More Halo 3...

This is the making of the trailer. Only it's better. Damn.. I want that game!