Friday, May 27, 2005

Recent sightings.. or "observations"

I walked in to town yesterday to enjoy the weather and get a decent sandwich (which is not possible at work).
On my way out I had a look around and noticed what cars were out there (it's a big car park). There is the usual lot (your Mondeo/Vectra), and the upper/middle "class" of vehicle; BMW M3, 911s, Z9s, M5s etc etc (quite a few, too) and then I noticed the following lovely cars:
New Aston Martin DB9 in Seal Grey. That is one beautiful car!
Lotus Exige. It's a daily driver too! Madman.
TVR Cerbera. In blue.. it's yummy!

There's plenty more - but clearly a lack of poor people about! :shock:

I'm not a BMW man.. but..

.. this is something else!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Two new pages for your perusal...

Firstly there is the Renault Clio page. It's SO not interesting. Really.. one pic and no spec. But, hey, it's a car I own so it deserves a page. Especially since it's the most reliable thing I've driven in years. More pics and updates on her as time goes by.
Secondly we have the new Porsche 993 page. I don't actually own this car yet, but in a week I hope to and I have these pics so I thought I'd post them up. I have a dozen more that I need to resize and post - and I'll get round to it! But have a nose anyway!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Random ranting...

So I have nothing to tell you. That's how exciting my life it right now.

Life in the fast lane.

Last night as I travelled to the gym, I saw the usual M27 idiocy. A woman driving way too quickly on the inside lane (with tunnel vision) undertook me as I tried to filter out of the middle lane. Narrowly missing me (indicators and all) she then refused to let someone move from the filter (Farlington) lane in to the left lane of the M27/A27. Since he had no choice, he moved over in front of her. To my surprise she sped up and got within a foot of his rear bumper.
Okay - so it's not unusual to see (in her red Mk3 Astra). But she did have a young child on the back seat. Shocking.#

Thankfully it's nearly the weekend (being Wednesday... you know... not the third day) and it's a long one. Can't wait!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

After a lot of phoning...

.. and internet quotes I have my final quote on the 911 insurance. Last year I paid £860-odd and this year, with the accident, it's £952.72. That's from Academy Insurance Services (0800 316 6266). Not bad at all. Tesco/Virgin were close at around £1100 and even Priviledge were pretty good (£1103).
So I'll be sorting that out when they call me back... 17 phone calls and a host of 'net quotes! Mad.

Monday, May 23, 2005

More E3

The show is now over and complete coverage can be found on pretty much every gaming site!
I choose Gamespy as it's the easiest to remember. But Gamespot or a quick Google for E3 will net you many a result. Lots to see this year!

School playground arguments

I like reading up on TrekBBS. It's full of fanboys (like myself) and the like and it's mostly harmless ( ;) ). However there is a fascinating thread on Trek vs Wars... yeah you know the rest! It's clever that an argument that really doesn't work can still be argued. That is to say, two story lines based in completely different galaxies (and time scales) can have so much in common.
There is even a Star Trek vs Star Wars website that attempts to argue the points en mass.

Why? No idea.. but it's still fun!

Weekend and Monday report

So this morning I went to a company (now Temple Reid) about a management course/builder. Basically (nutshell style) they take you, mould you and put you in to a management position. Now, the meeting was good (and I'm going back) and they certainly know their stuff - however, so far I'm not sure they can help me. Why? I don't know. I think it's my inner cynic - but we'll see. Cost is an issue too - and that will probably kill the idea before I get underway. Nothing in this life is free. I'll report back after my second meeting on Friday afternoon.
I had a great weekend with Gemma (always do!) but now I am not seeing her until the 18th June! ARG!
I shouldn't feel sorry for myself as she has to do her end of year exams... so I won't be a pain ;)
We watched Equilibrium on Saturday afternoon; I've seen it before but it's a great movie! Go see it if you haven't already.
Oh and get over to Virgin Megastores as they are doing 3 DVDs for £20 and I bought:
Along came Polly
Bruce Almighty
Ronin SE
Gone in 60 Seconds
Not bad eh?

Star Wars Episode 3 is now out.. £186million so far... but does that mean it's any good? I don't know.. I guess I'll go watch it.