Thursday, September 08, 2005

My life, an update...

Hello distant souls. How's trickolas?
Well, my 911 (the new one) is gone. Oh yes, tis gone. It seems odd to sell it after only a few months but needs must. Needs? Well there is a chance that I will be made redundant come the year end. I have no job to go to (despite interviews) and I want to be prepared. Thus the car is the first step to debt clearing. It is a huge shame to see this one drive away. It was just what I wanted.
So I'm a Clio driver now. It sucks to be honest, but what can you do? Buy another car? Hell y.. no. I have plans - well, ideas really. I'd like the Corvette (back to that old chestnut) but I don't see me getting the money together any time soon. Maybe something in the meantime, such as an older 'Vette or even a different Porsche (968 perhaps) have been swimming in my head. However, as Gemma quite rightly says, "It's not what you want, and you won't be happy". Typical she would know me that well!
What I want is the C6. So maybe I should aim for one and see what happens. :)

Let's see. Oh, yes the Calibra. Well that's up and running now. It needs work (when will it not?) but it runs. I'm not too happy driving it just yet but we'll see how things work out. It's there though, and that's the important bit. However, there is a boost leak and an oil leak that need attention before I can give her the thrashing she needs. (sigh) More work!

Um.. WoW. I haven't really played it. I will. But Gemma is here and I value my time with her over a game (and it's still technically Summer so I'm enjoying the weather). However, I still do play and the end game stuff is still waaaay open to me. Lots to do over the winter months! Check out This to see what's on the cards :)

Gemma has her new house (Uni) now as well. We're popping down to Exeter to start populating the place soon. Only one more year and she's "free". I personally cannot wait. :)

If you get bored, check out Sinfest - it's a great little comic. Well, I laugh at it! I'll pop it and another couple in the menu later on :)