Thursday, December 23, 2004


I've observed recently that people aren't really feeling the Christmas spirit. Not by just the "odd person" but by pretty much everyone. It certainly doesn't feel like Christmas to me but I have my reasons - mainly that most of my family are in Australia (40c temps!) on holiday, and the ones that aren't are doing their own thing. But that's just me.

Other than that I've noticed that I'm now a moving target for complete arseholes on the roads. An MR2 nearly sideswiped me the day before yesterday simply because he wanted me out of the way (I was already doing 30mph in the 30mph zone...). I had half a mind to not swerve. Arse.
Secondly a new Megane undertaking me, in a 50mph zone, at about 80mph. Yeah it happens, but I was indicating AND moving over when he did it. Tossers. Again, half a mind.

It's also very quiet here at work. Many redundancies and holidays doth not make a busy environment. How long before I'm let go?

On my way home for lunch a couple of days back I saw a 3 bed house for sale. I checked it's details on the internet and noticed it was up for £197k. That's a lot of money. Further investigation showed that my own place is probably worth around £120k - for a one bed! That is clearly madness. Oh well.

I'm hungry.

Some Christmas links (that, thankfully, have nothing to do with it)

Firstly some trailers. There are loads out at the moment and some are worth looking at :)

Be Cool: Looks like the follow-up to Get shorty (same character names) with John Travolta playing a movie producer wanting to go back to his gangster roots.. looks funny.
Charlie and the chocolate factory: A rather bizarre looking version of this childrens story by Tim Burton. The trailer, to me, is just disturbing. Worth a watch.
Bewitched: It's a re-telling rather than a remake with the lead (Nicole Kidman) actually being the witch for real, but playing one in a TV show (of the same name). Wil Ferrel stars.
XXX - State of the union: The sequel to the rather disappointing 2002 film xXx. This time it's Ice Cube's turn... why? No idea.
Hitch: Will Smith is the Love Doctor.. until he spies someone that turns him in to a jibbering wreck. Looks great. :)
Batman Begins: A bit far down the list isn't it? Well it's because this is just a little longer than the previous trailers and doesn't give much away. It's looking dark though. Very dark.
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers: Either you liked him or you didn't (I've yet to meet anyone that was in-between). I'm interested to see this.
House of Flying Daggers: Cool. Kung Fu. :)
Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy: Don't panic. It's the same teaser that I posted earlier - just much better in quality. I can't wait to see this one!
Flight of the Phoenix: Some of you may remember the classic 1965 James Stewart orignal and some may not. Either way the new one doesn't look to do anything new... but it could be a good watch.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Now this looks good. A bit like War of the Roses in that the two lead characters end up trying to kill each other. :) - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are contract killers that get each other as their next target.
Assault on precinct 13: Another remake of a 1976 John Carpenter film. The original wasn't all that great but still something to watch.
Ocean's 12: I loved Ocean's 11 and I cannot wait for the follow up.
Meet the fockers: An old trailer now but worth watching again. Hopefully it'll live up to "Parents".
The Amityville Horror: I've actually not seen the original but the trailer for this one gave me goosebumps! Want to see. ;). Ryan Reynolds stars.
White Noise: I urge you to watch this and not feel the hairs stand up on your neck. Based on "fact" with a story attached. Another "want to see". Michael Keaton stars.
The Wedding Crashers: Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn.. how can this not be good? :D
The Longest Yard: A feel good american movie about prison football.. actually looks quite funny! Stars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Burt Reynolds.
Hostage: Bruce Willis is a cop.. but it's not Die Hard this time. :) - I like the look of this because it looks like he's normal. Cool.
The Pacifier: Worth watching just to see Vin Diesel cycling on a childrens (girls) bike. LOL.
Unleashed: Jet Li, Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins. Hardly three people you'd expect to see together hmm? Well check the trailer out - looks fab.
Miss Congeniality 2: I loved the first film, and if you want to try and get this trailer working then be my guest :( - William FUCKING Shatner is back, so I'm in :)

Phew... enough movies for now I think!

Suprnova has been killed. It eventually happens. So here are a couple of links to help "replace" it:
Bi-Torrent - a basic mirror of Suprnova
Lokitorrent - Loki are similar to Supr except they have a login and a forum to play with.
Torrentreactor - Another good site!

It's being posted on Digital Corvettes, Corvette Forum and even VWVortex. The new Corvette ZO6. Want? Yeah me too. :(

And finally for now - from - the news of the Monaro VXR getting the 400bhp LS2 from the Corvette. I could probably get one of these one day... damn.