Thursday, October 13, 2005

I miss my Porsche

After seeing this thread on the Vortex (and subsequently posting), I'm missing my old 911(s). Although my accident early in the year has left me with some serious confidence issues in bad weather (yeah, I had my accident in FINE weather.. odd that) I still miss the noise, the power and all the quirks that go with owning German's finest.

Although my next aim is something V8 powered, I'm probably going to end up in another 911 at some point. I can't put my finger on why though - I've been there, and done that - but yet... there is something haunting about the 993. Meh. There is also the small point of cost. My V8 fantasy is 1990 mortgage money. Stupid cars.

Anyhoo, I'm now in a 1997 Rover 214Si. I'd post a picture but my camera is k-nackered and, well, it's not that interesting. In fact, it's quite the ugly duckling. Beyond that though, it drives well and is comfortable. Not much more I can ask at the moment really.

An ipod a day...

Yes, Apple has released another ipod. This time with video. I love my gadgets (not that I own many) and I'd luuurve to have one of these. Despite probably never using it (especially for video). But what the hell, it's cool, right?
Even with it being October, Apple promise us more in the ipod range before the year is out. So what next? Widescreen ipods? Internet 'pods? Who knows... but I'll want them too :)
Now.. if I could only get some cash together....

Monday, October 10, 2005


I ran the BUPA Great South Run here in Portsmouth. It's a 10 mile road race around Southsea and surrounding areas. I pulled a pretty poor time of 1 hour 26 minutes (or thereabouts). Unfortunately during the week I picked up a minor foot injury (either a bruised muscle or bone.. I don't know which, but it hurts!) and despite that, I still ran. My pace was good at the 5 mile mark - aiming for around a 1 hour 10 minute time but then I slowed due to pain and decided that finishing was probably more important! So I did.. and I'm pretty happy about that.
A few friends of mine ran - Jeff and Sandie (1hr 17 & 1hr 20?), Steve (1hr 15! clever sod), and a few others with equally excellent times. Next year I shall beat them (oi, don't laugh) - or at least aim to run with them. :) Heh.

Now I look forward to next year. :D