Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Exeter University being sold on Ebay by a student! LOL

So Exeter University is on EBay. I doubt it'll last but it comes after the news that several departments are closing. It affects a few of Gemma's friends and isn't good news.

£200k at last check.. I imagine it'll be gone soon! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Blah, day two.

So some delightful chaps are taking.. actually I don't know "who", but someone, to court to prove speed cameras are illegal (privacy for one). Bravo. It'll get nowhere but we pay enough in taxes not to have those bloody things on our roads (yes they are speed cameras and not safety cameras you arses). Near schools, hell yes. Accident black spots (all three of them), yes. On a flat, straight, 2 mile stretch of road near squat... fuck off. (Sorry for the language but it's how I feel).

Road Rules: Do NOT sit in the outside lane of a motorway at 60mph on a clear, dry evening. You are being a pain in the arse. You are driving dangerously. You are making people undertake you. Honestly, pop down to the local police station and hand over your licence you idiot.

Have you seen Rambo? Complete rubbish. One liners don't come much worse. Rambo 2 is on at present. It's worse.

GM. You are not nice people. You do not need to make a further £15k per Corvette in this country. I repeat. You are not nice people. I will buy something else or I will go to the US and buy one at their prices instead. Hateful, time wasting company. :( Boo.

Apparantly it's, and I quote, "Whogivesacrap" days to Christmas. Bah. Etc.

My hair is really not working for me today.

Monday, November 22, 2004


So I've taken to counting the number of cars doing 50mph on 3 lane motorways in good conditions.. not exact numbers, just overall. I'm shocked. Did these people never learn that driving slowly is often more dangerous than driving fast or at the limit?
Most are women with the seat pushed as far forward as it will go (which to my eyes is no safer than a lazy bloke having it pushed way back). I'm really not seeing the reason. You took lessons, passed your test and you can't drive. O_o

I love learning and I hate having to. I can soak up information (mostly useless) and it often comes in handy. Yet I have to apply myself for this web design course and I really don't want to. It's not challenging (that may be the problem) and I'm bored. However, it'll lead to bigger things so I'm going to get my head down. Soon. Promise.

Oh Spooks is on.. be right back..

.. Another great show ;) - I do like that. I'm not sure it's worth the TV licence but it's about the best thing on the BBC (yes, Eastenders sucks royally).
I watched Battlestar Galactica before-hand. It's really very good. Much darker and grittier than I think a lot of people were expecting but I love it. The first series is short (around 12 episodes) but I really hope the viewing numbers are high enough to warrant a second.

Oh.. last episode of the OC! Teen angst at it's best... :D

I must admit I'm not exactly torn between the new Corvette and the Monaro. The one I want is the one that isn't available. If it were it'd be LHD and cost around £10k more than the other. But wanting is wanting!
But there is something very cool about that Monaro VXR... damn.

Mention Christmas and I'll wound you.