Thursday, June 09, 2005

Roads... where we're going, we don't need.... roads.

And such is the truth of the matter. Despite the government making claims that within 10 years we'll see testing of the new "pay per mile" scheme - I honestly don't believe it's going to happen.
True, something is on the horizon - what it is, I don't know. But the plan is to screw the country over (stop people commuting - and thus give rise to unemployment) and keep our roads empty. Fine. It'll work. But then they'll need to develop a way of getting people about. By public transport? Don't make me laugh - it's a joke, and not a very funny one either.
Personally I'd like to cycle - but I have two jobs and cannot get gym equipment from Havant to Portsmouth, within an hour, by bicycle. So what am I supposed to do? Walk it? Throw it? Develop a matter transporter? No.. I know, I'll get a licence to fly helicopers. Yeah - that'll do it.
So, I'll emigrate - go to another country where I can enjoy being a motorist. But why should I? It's not like the car was free - and it's not like I don't already pay more than 50% of my year wage in keeping it running, legal and on the road. But I'll be changing my name to "Mama Hoseblagger" before I pay £1.34 a mile - that's for bloody sure.
So - who's up for a BTTF style hover conversion?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pussycat dolls

The ever lovely Jo Whiley has been touting the 'dolls for a while now and I'm loving the track. Get on over to their website to listen to it and see them as well (yes, they are hot.. just like they say they are). LOL.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ah ha!

The weather is finally turning around! Looks like this weekend may even resemble "summer" (don't worry.. it can exist here in the UK!). So that, at least, gives me a list of jobs to do...
1. Replace rocker cover gasket on the Calibra
2. Check and replace camshaft oil seals
3. Check error codes and find out why my boost levels are so low/cutting back.
4. Take some 911 gauges out of their homes and find out why my fuel gauge is dead (the sender appears to be fine).
5. Wash alllll three cars and detail the 911 (badly needs it) - including getting the polished lip on the alloys to be.. erm... polished.
6. Look at Laura's Calibra's rear brakes... if I get time that is! I may try and do this first, on Friday - but we'll see.

Mainly the Calibra needs sorting as I don't have a lot of time before Billing.

Apple in bed with Intel

So says The Register. So by 2007 all Macs will be intel based.. although that says very little and the OS makes the machine, not the chipset (although it can slow it down!).
I'm looking forward to some very fast future Macs and the next Mac OSX (Leopard) is already in the works. Cool.

Monday, June 06, 2005

More on the Apple/Intel issue...

Here is a Register article that makes more sense of the Apple news story (that hasn't yet happened). Interested to see what comes of it... at least it'll be all over and decided before I upgrade!

Exeter "dull"

I like Exeter and it's town centre. It's different to Portsmouth and feels more friendly - but apparantly that comes at a cost. Read about it here courtesy of the BBC.

A busy weekend.. with more to come

Firstly - before I forget - This news story disburbs me. Nothing is official yet, and it could mean a new generation of cheap and fast Macs... but why x86? I really hope that if Intel are going to be making processors for Apple that they are a new kind entirely and not something compatible with our PCs.

Anyway - this weekend (for me) marked the beginning of the show season for my Calibra. I have yet to upload my pics but I'll get round to it!
I managed a quick look round the show and saw some interesting cars and mods - but I spent most of the day answering questions about my car and engine :p
Pop over to This thread on ClubCalibra for a couple of pics.. and MIG too.

Unfortunately I have my engine light on so I need to sort that out - get a new rocker cover - and I have a few other jobs I'd like to do before the next show. A pain as I don't have much time! Plus the 911 needs a working fuel gauge... damn.

Gemma should be relaxing after her 2nd exam by now.. nearly half way through!